A Splitfit Revolution 

Personal training has become more affordable with the introduction of Splitfit, a new innovative peer-to-peer service that connects you directly to the fitness professionals. A one hour session costs only $20 when you join a pool of participants consisting of two to four individuals guided…


Keep it Clean with Smartclear Vision.5 

Cleaning eyeglasses just got a whole lot easier with Smartclear Vision.5. Even better is the fact that it works for many objects that are often neglected because they are difficult to clean. People tend to overlook the need to thoroughly clean certain items. Innovative Technology…


Toolabs will ease App Development 

App building is going to be a whole lot easier with the help of Toolabs. People around the world depend on apps for both work and play. They need apps that are user friendly with features that satisfy the current demand. The creative management team…


Tikly – The Ticket Selling Expert 

Tikly is a buyer-friendly and seller-focused online ticketing opportunity specializing in sales of general admission tickets, direct to fan tickets, tiered ticketing, merchandise pre-sales, VIP experiences, and acceptance of house concert donations before an event. Background Launched in April of 2011 by the then 21-year-old…


Capsulier is Changing the World 

Just imagine living in a world where people could just push a button when they wanted their favorite beverage. The time has come with the invention of Capsulier. It is a revolutionary cuisine maker that is taking the market to a whole new level. Capsules…

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Oasis.Direct – Trading Access Simplified 

If you’re looking for an online, decentralized (not to mention autonomous) environment with fully displayed price information and smart contract mechanisms of digital tokens and assets, Oasis.Direct is for you. Oasis.Direct is convenient because it’s a fully-decentralized means to change tokens. It’s software services that…


World’s Smallest Spy Hidden Camera 

“Small But Mighty” could be the slogan for this portable lightweight mini spy hidden video recorder. It is ideal as a business or home security camera or a nanny/housekeeper/employee/pet cam because it can record snapshot pictures and take clear and high-definition videos without attracting attention….