The guys over at empire flippers, Justin and Joe, put together a free in depth 100+ page e-Book that covers the 11 Most Popular Online Business Models. The e-book breaks down each individual business model and provides details on how to build, grow and optimize.

Here are a couple of the things covered in the book;
The 11 Business Models of the Online Gold Rush.
What Model is Right For You?
The best advice anyone can give you to get started.
Lead Gen vs Affiliate vs Ecommerce vs Service
Why now is the best time to invest

The Free E-book is Available Here on LinkedIn

If you have any interest in building an online business, then this is, according to Justin and Joe, one of the best resources you will find anywhere. Each business model is segmented and provides information on how the business model works, how to make money, pros and cons, growth strategies and much more.