Bring your gear underwater with the waterproof Helixot XO 6.2 Backpack

Outdoor aquatic adventure is one the most anticipated fun to most people all year round. Naming from surface water kayaking to under water diving, people like to explore more whilst worry less about their personal valuables. Keeping your expensive electronic belongings completely dry can be a big hassle in the wet environment.

No one like to lug around their bulky gears if cant keep it dry. No matter is for your wallet, car key, camera, smartphone or survival gears, it will not just restrict your movement, but also the fun. The only seemingly possible solution to carry around these things in near-water sports (hiking, etc) while stick at nothing, is to get a waterproof backpack.

As an avid hiker myself, there are a myriad of waterproof backpacks and rucksacks in the market but very few are submersible.

Helixot XO 6.2 backpack

This latest Helixot XO 6.2 backpack is a complete submersible ergonomic backpack that offers an airtight protection to all your valuables.

It’s designed for all water sports including sailing, surfing, hiking and trekking.


As a world traveller himself, Grégoire Letissier once having his trip to Burma and was sitting on a small boat in Inle Lake with all his important things, his worries soon make him the founder of Helixot. After his return to France, with his engineering backgound, he started the Helixot company on 2015 and shared his vision with a number of local partners to start the French-made backpack production.


XO 6.2 backpack has a standout cross-mark on the six inches (fifteen centimetres) screw cap located at the center. In contrary to roll-up closing, it features an intuitive quick and easy system to lock-on and seal-off in seamlessly tight, in such a way that, even diver could have kept their items totally dry like a safety vault.

1.9 lbs / 0.85 kg
1.64 gal / 6.2 L
17.7″ x 12.2″ x 5.5″ / 45cm x 31cm x 14cm

Designed with travellers in mind, it’s not too big but good enough to fit-in what is important to you, for example, tablets, smartphones, clothes, snacks, notebooks, you name it.

Unlike your common backpack, Helixot offers a unique smooth ergonomic shape that streamlines your body and align with your upper back to prevent it from shifting. For maximum comfort while maintaining high mobility, XO 6.2 backpack is slim, closefitting and comes with chest and abdominal straps (with buckles) to provide a strong and rigid support along the way.

The extended dorsal padding that covered the lumbar area provided with a whistle within your reach. On the outside, two external lateral mesh allows quick access to water bottle and other small objects.

Not just fully submersible, Helixot made with nautical fabric and thick marine canvas which providing tough resistance to abrasion for all sort of terrains. Since its made for water-related activity, the backpack is also design to dry quickly.

Price and Warranty

Although its not yet available on Amazon, this project is now funding on Kickstarter, as you may go to their project page (link below) to support them. For just $109 ($151 retail price) off early bird promotion, you can grab one of the XO 6.2 backpack before its finish.

Helixot is self-funded and believed in their French-made product, and willing to give you a 5 years warranty off the purchase. Learn more on their website.

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Marlon Hyper-Functioning Backpacks

Finding a personalised backpack for your specific need is not an easy task. First you must identify what does it for, price range, quality and so on. For instance, if you have a furry kid at home, you probably need a pet carrier backpack; Loving beach or water sport? Here is the submergible backpack for you; Amateur/professional photographers? Stick this GoPro backpack with you. I hear you, simply need an expansion backpack with lot of space and pockets? There you go.

But do you really able to find such a functional backpack that has most, if not all, of the great features in one. Of course you don’t. Since there are no perfect people, there are no perfect backpacks. On top of that, market today seldom offer hyper versatile backpacks that set everything aside. Here we have came across one that come close to perfection.

Marlon Stunning Hyper functional Backpacks

Marlon backpacks is a simple backpacks with lots of great functions. In contract to its functionality, the appearance of Marlon is relatively simple and minimalist aesthetic. Made with high quality Cordura Lite 525D nylon material, Marlon is currently available in 3 versions — totepack, rucksack and travel pack.


DimensionWeightVolumeLaptop SizeBottle Pocket
15 x 11 x 6 in (38 x 28 x 15 cm)
1.5 lbs (0.68 Kg)
15 in

The totepack by Marlon is a smartly designed versatile backpack that carries all your daily essentials. It may looks small and ordinary, but you will drop your jaw when you realise its full potential. As one of the flagship product of Marlon, Totepack can be converted into a convenient tote in seconds by pulling the straps upwards (check video).

Whether for gym or office, Totepack carries the right thing for the right time. The stowable attachment straps can be released and hold your items like yoga mat and so. Underneath the lower compartment, it has a ventilated compartment for shoes too.

For pockets, right behind the quick access front pocket, It has a big organization pocket that houses pen sleeve, cable keepers, RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) blocking pocket, removeable magnetic key hook and fleece lined sunglasses sleeve. The main pocket built with suspended laptop/tablet sleeve pocket gives you an endless flexible combination for your daily routine. Additionally, there are other features like collapsible water bottle pocket and removable pouch in this small, yet complete warehouse-like backpack.


DimensionWeightVolumeLaptop SizeBottle Pocket
18.5 x 11.5 x 7.5 in (47 x 29 x 19 cm)
2.5 lbs (1.1 Kg)
15 in

Moving on, if you are too much of a sporty person and finds the Totepack not in your appetite, don’t miss the Rucksack backpack. In addition to some of the cool features mentions on Totepack, Rucksack highlights a 33% of expansion for more space and USB charging from a 10400 mAh power bank (more than 3 times fully charged an iPhone 7+). Also, you can slip your dead phone inside a small pocket while charging.

For better sense of security, Rucksack has a back-to-back hidden valuables pocket to keep important stuff like your passport, cell phones and wallet. Tired of the heavy rucksack on your back? Carry it then. Marlon’s Rucksack has built with a side carry handle so that you can carry it anytime you wish.

Light travel with this rucksack? Find no luggage, you can easily connect it with the suitcase connector and roll on. Besides than what we mentioned above, there are also other useful features like memory form suspension, front storage, sunglasses quick-store, gusseted side storage and collapsible carry-all.

The Travel Pack

DimensionWeightVolumeLaptop SizeBottle Pocket
21.5 x 13.5 x 8 in (55 x 34 x 20 cm)
3.5 lbs (1.6 Kg)
17 in

Whether is for your business trip or a little holiday getaway, this travel pack is your ideal companion for most, if not all, of your need. Similar to Rucksack, this travel pack features a full-access clamshell opening just like your carry-on luggage. Furthermore, when you want a little rest on your other side of shoulder, transform it into a duffle bag in no time.

Built with travellers in mind, it has a removable/stowable hip belt perfect for any upcoming trips. Overall, this travel pack embodies a similar version of the first & Second, but it has a slight bigger in dimension as well as volume.

The Price and Promotion

Marlon series of backpacks are now available from $135 – $195 via the link below to the page. Act fast to enjoy the early bird promotion and a big discount (more than 50%) off the retail price. This product in not yet available on Amazon and eBay.

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Mochibag – Drawstring Backpacks

Who doesn’t like drawstring backpack? I mean it’s stylish, lightweight and suitable for all sort of activity. Here in BoyGadgets, we have been taking about quite a number of remarkable backpacks naming from submergible backpack, ninja-like hidden backpack to pet-carrying backpack.

Here is another noteworthy one.


Mochibags drawstring backpack is a modern-looking high quality backpack for all uses. Unlike any other common backpack, the exterior is made with Hypalon which is a kind of synthetic rubber to provide an excellent job in water repelling.

Mochibags is now available for two sizes — Mid Size (10 litre) and Full size (14 litre). Each bag has 5 compartment, including a front panel, 1 main and 3 zip-pockets. No matter what activity you are in, it comes with action cam strap where you can mount the GoPro and capture your epic moment steadily.

To overcome the uneven cords, the bag has a patented Channel-Anchored Drawstrings design to make sure the length are always on even and also provides an effortless pull-open all the time.

Design for convenience, this bag can be folded down into a size of 16 oz.

It features the sternum strap where can be adjusted in 4 different ways and instant release in a single press. For better experience with the bag, you can get your hand on the extra add-on for just a few dollars more, I.e. bladder attachment hook, drinking tube magnetic clip, sternum strap, action cam rig, etc.

In Verdict

This drawstring backpack is a lightweight foldable backpack underlining the integration with active camera. In overall, the quality of the bag is good and satisfactory. It offers a limited water resistant ability but not total water proof like how Helixot backpack does, so if you are involved in any water activity be aware that your essentials may still be getting wet. The cons side however, is that most of the other high quality drawstring backpacks in the market are already selling at a much lower price.

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Paqsule gym bag with O3 + UV-C Cleaning Technology

There are a myriad of sports bags with variety designs in the market. For example, small gym bag, duffel bag, drawstring sack, backpack, and more. For different purposes, you use a separate bag for sport activities such as yoga and gym. You don’t use the same bag because of the disgusting stinky smell everytime after you exercise, while washing has no effect on it, and you may not have any good way to get rid of that either. Here is 6 simple way you can do to keep your sporty bag fresh.

Why does sweat smell bad?

Some of you may have bad sweat smell, and some of you don’t. Let’s break down a little bit, there are some factors that influences the smell including ages, diet, genetic, gender and medication condition. While your sweat itself is actually odorless, but it’s due to your sweat contain certain proteins which are then broken down into acids by bacteria living on the skin. Resulting in the unpleasant body odor from armpits, feet, genitals, etc.

The “anti-smell” Bag

Unfortunately, there are no “anti-smell” sports bags available in the store just yet. Most of the bags for exercise is designed with holes and meshes for better air circulation. Also, you have to wash it regularly, disinfect manually and keep your sweaty clothes separate. Alternatively, you may want to consider get yourself some air purifying bags to remove the odor and moisture.

Wait a minute, there is a new and cool sports bags with auto-cleaning system called Paqsule.

PAQSULE Bag – The Self-Cleaning Bag

Paqsule is a self-cleaning bag for sport activists and travellers. It keeps your bag fresh and germs-free with two sanitising systems — chemical-free activated oxygen (O3) and Ultraviolet technology (UV-C). With just a push of button, or via the mobile app, you can control to clean any clothing/item inside the bag.

How does cleaning system works?

A little bit about science, Paqsule uses electrical charge to activate oxygen molecules (O2) into activated oxygen or ozone (O3). By having an extra charged oxygen makes it relative unstable, and therefore is an excellent oxidising agent. Which mean it donates negative charge and return back to a more stable O2 stage, the substance (refer to bacteria) that received charges will get destroyed in the process. Thus, it kills off the germs inside the bag compartment.

For UV-C technology, it is know an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation whereby uses short-wavelength high-energy ultraviolet light (UV-C) to eliminate microorganisms.

As we mentioned above, bacteria breaks down the protein in your sweat into acids which contributes to the unpleasant smell. Thereby eliminating the germs, these process deodorizes the clothes.


The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 10 000 working hours. For every single full-charge, you will have 72 hours of cleaning process. Via the mobile app, you can choose your desire cleaning cycle on-the-go. There are 3 option of cycles available — 15min, 25min and 35min. Designed for lifetime uses, it offers over 17,000 times of cleaning to take place.

Paqsule is TSA complied and FDA approved.

Built with lots of pockets and compartment, it has a padded compartment for 15″ laptop.  On its side, it has a handy built-in USB charging station for your devices. And also a phone pocket for your phone to slip-in snugly. For outdoor uses, Paqsule made of water-proof material with a shoes compartment to keep your smelly shoes isolated before cleaning it. Additionally, it comes with a removable toiletry bag to keep all your shampoos and toiletry with ease.

The bag weights 4 pounds (1.8 kg) and is spacious for most of your common belongings, including basketball, boxing gloves, travel pillow, clothing, shoes, laptop and more. Although it looks small, Paqsule is able to carry four days volume of clothes, there is a demo video on their Kickstarter page (link below).

What’s more, this bag has lots of pockets and compartment which we didn’t mention here (i.e. transit card stash pocket, organiser pocket, etc), check them out to learn more.

Price and Buy

Paqsule is now on Kickstarter with free shipping within US. It will be retailed at $350, but you can get a discounted price now for just $229 (special price for early birds), including a 2-years warranty of the product.

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Brug from Wunderlife: The Packable Multi-Use Bag and Rug

Nothing beats a spring picnic, enjoy the entire day showering in the sunshine with family is one of the most romantic part of life. Also, no one would forget about the favourite sandwich, salad, bruschetta, BBQ, and whole lot more delicious food that piles up until the sunset. That is just life!

But, the preparation is gonna be a nightmare. Imagine you have 3 kids running around making more mess than you can handle, while you have to busy with the food recipe, packing, etc. Bag for food, bag for electronics, rug, toys.. That ain’t so much fun anymore. But worry not, here is one cool bag invented by moms, use by moms.

Brug is a combination of bag and rug (that’s why Brug) for outdoor activities such as camping, picnicking and hiking. It offers quick transformation between shoulder bag and large rug in seconds.

Brug is a smart versatile 40 litres bag (17.7″ x 29.5″) that features instant scooping of all the stuff in no time, making the packing process a piece of cake. When expanded, it turns into a 59″ x 59″ big travelling rug for all the essentials.

In terms of material, Brug is a water resistant rug that made with premium 180 GSM polyester for durable and long lasting uses.

Packing a day out is never been this easy, all you need to do is throw in everything, scoop and go. And when you arrived your destination, unzip your bag, you will then have a large dry picnic rug. When you’ve done using it, simply pull the cord and hang it anywhere with ease.

Design by moms, Brug is machine washable, so that you never have to worry about the food/drink spills on the rug. On its side, it has thoughtful tags for pegging to the ground. If situation needed, you can even build a tent or shelter with Brug. For storing, it can roll up into a compact size and tie with elastic bungees for easy storage.

As an improved version of the Brug 1.0, the newer version added a strong patented Duraflex buckle for reliable locking. As well as the YKK zip for smoother and secure zipping experience.

Where to Buy and Price

Brug is now funding on Kickstarter, and the link below will bring you straight to the campaign page. It starts from $47 (save $30 off retail price) from their early bird promotion. This product is not yet available on Amazon and eBay.

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The TripPro travel bag – the most functional bag for everything

Whenever you planned to go, business trip, vacation or even a weekend break, you always have a bag with you. But often, we have too many bags more than we can count, such as gym bag, backpack, travel bag, carry on case, and more! Did you ever wonder why would you need all that? If not, leaving your bag unused is a huge waste of money and resource.

On one hand, a great bag should have a nice look without compromising its useful features. Like most of other bags already in the market — good price, classy look, good material, well organised pockets, handy features and more.

If you concerned about security during travel, here is one of the check-in luggage with the highest security features.

But here in BoyGadgets, we ain’t here to show you those regular bags, but a way cooler one. Here is one of those that combined most features in one, highly versatile travel bag.

The TripPro travel bag


TripPro travel bag is one of the most feature-rich bag mentioned on BoyGadgets. Definitely pack a serious punch, this bag meant to replace all of your backpack, duffel, tote, shoulder,  messenger, sling, briefcase and travel bag in one. It is affordable, classy look, safe and secure, and design to keep your belongings for a trip from 2 days up to 2 weeks.

Similar to those expensive bag in the market, but only cost a quarter.

Design and Specification

Made of weather- and slash-proof ballistic nylon, TripPro is slightly larger than regular backpack in size. It’s only 3 lbs (1.4 kg) in weight and has a dimension of 12.6 x 7.8 x 19.7 inches (L x W x H). TripPro travel bags come in 3 options — TripPro Daypack, TripPro Lite and TripPro Pro.

The bags have a capacity volume of 45 litre.

The ergonomic design, shape and breathable back padding reduces the stress on your back and shoulder, and adding extra comfort to your daily commute. Splashes of drink, dirt or food stain? Worry not, the fabric is easy to clean with using a damp cloth.

There’re three handles in total, so you can switch into different mode as you like. Thanks to the adjustable sternum strap design, you can walk or run with this bag even if you’re in a hurry.

For extra strength and durability, TripPro bags have triple stitches on its holders and stress areas.

Pockets and Compartment

Each bag has lots of pockets and compartment as well as some other useful features, including:

  • Laundry bag
  • Notebook pocket
  • Jacket holder
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Laptop pocket
  • RFID pocket
  • Hidden back pocket
  • 2 strap pockets
  • Internat pocket


Beside of slash proof, TripPro offers metal wire coil cable that connects main zippers together to the nearest pole or stand, making pickpockets or sneaky thieving off the bag much harder. With that, you can lock all your external pockets in just 1 second, and lock to anything solid support for extra safety. No pockets are vulnerable!

To protect your important information such as credit card and passport from being stolen by RFID theft, TripPro integrated a RFID blocking pocket for you to keep all the unwanted troubles away.

Also, pockets and pouches are designed in such a way that appears in minimal. For example, the hidden zippers, hide-away pouches, and hidden pockets design all over the bag.

Convenient features

TripPro allows you to charge your laptop, notebook or phone without needing to pull the whole things out. Simply pull out the cable from the easy-access inner pocket to your nearest socket for charging. For phones, if you’re using a retractable cable the result would be much better.

Similarly, there’s no need to fumble around for your key anymore, TripPro has an in-built retractable wire for your house key and car key.

On its shoulder straps, you will have multiple small pocket holders for quick access to sunglasses, pen, cards, cash, keys, phone and earphone.

In addition, you will get headphone clip and jacket holder over its side pocket to get the most out of your daily essential.

Packing Cube

Having to pack and organise your weeks-long clothes and stuff is a big hassle. TripPro bags come with 3-level hangable bag for you to pack or unpack your shirts in a matter of seconds. Hang it on hotel wardrobe, you’re good to go!

The odourless compression laundry bag gives you more room and space for your dirty clothes. Also, you will get a toiletry bag and shoe bag.

TripPro also provides a removable hip belt that doubles as a travel money belt for cash, change, or any important valuables within your reach.

Price and Discount

TripPro travel bag is now available for just $79 under their promotional package. Early birds can save up to 50% discount off their future retailing price. you can check the latest price via the link below to the campaign, and grab one of these useful bags!

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E-CASE – First Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS

One of the biggest threat to traveller is losing their luggage in the foreign country. Miles away from the comfort home, most of their important item are kept inside the only travel companion. Losing them means lose track of connections, valuables and you’re all by yourself.

However, lots of luggage in the market are not made in theft-proof nor optimise for security purpose. If you’ve been to high risk countries like Brazil and Spain, you should always keep an eye on your essential, or alternatively, outsmart the pickpockets/thieves by technology. Those thieves are mostly from a connected underground organization with careful planning to ambush around the certain places, even worse, protected by local authorities.

Check Amazon for modern anti-theft backpack here. 

Sometimes being watchful isn’t enough, as we have came across myriads of smart tech luggages, here is a notably Check-in baggage that is almost impossible to lose.

E-CASE – First Smart Check-in Luggage With Real GPS


E-case is a smart technology Check-in luggage that offers high security features to peace your mind. The main aspect of this case is its real-time GPS tracking and multiple unlocking system via app, fingerprint or sms. Also, E-case features a built-in scale (no heavy lifting) which makes airport security a breeze. E-case offers 3 sizes (2 Check-in and 1 carry-on), proximity alert (via app), tamper-proof zippers, two years free service, and a battery life that lasts up to 10 days.

Airline Security Compliance

E-case is globally patented (2012), TSA compliant and made compatible with airline regulations worldwide. If the airline security confiscate or disable the luggage for some reason, the company guarantee that will repair or replace you a new bag at no charge.


Made of polycarbonate and polyester lining with 3 mesh pockets, E-case is lightweight, durable and tough for long-term use. It’s available in 3 sizes as shows in the table below:

E-Case Sizes Dimension Weight Volume
20″ Carry On 22 x 14 x 9.2 inches 7.9 lbs 32 litre
Check-in 24″ 26.6 x 18.5 x 10.4 inches 9.9 lbs 58 litre
Check-in 29″ 31.5 x 21 x 12 inches 11.5 lbs 90 litre

Built with 3000 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts for about 240 hr (or 10 days) in normal use. The 20″ carry-on built with an extra 12000 mAh power bank for external use. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth BR/EDR/BLE (Dual Mode). For digital locking system, it can be done by Bluetooth, fingerprint or sms. For more spec detail, go to E-case campaign page.

E-case is available in multiple colors — black, navy blue, rose gold, mint and teal.

Real GPS Tracking

E-case equipped with advanced in-built GPS system that syncs to your smartphone to pinpoint the exact location of the luggage. In case of thief ran off with it (away from Bluetooth range), not only receiving an instant alert, but also allows to tracking down the location anywhere in the world. Moreover, you will learn exactly where your bag has been going via the footprint feature on the app. As in compliant to airline regulation to disable GSM signal before the plane takeoff, and only resume afterward, E-case able to track the real-time movement mapping and footprint of the luggage.

E-case has a light-vibration sensor to know if the bag is in the air, so that to switch off the GSM signal in compliant with TSA and worldwide airline regulations.

Most other smart luggage’s GPS in market only offers one-time RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) positioning signal. Where it can only receive the signal at a last checkpoint location (as in XXX airport) and did nothing if the baggage loses in the process. For instance, if the baggage did not get onto a plane, or lost at the destination point.

E-case, on the other hand, provides a complete movement tracking of your luggage so that you can worry less about the belongings and enjoy more on your vacation.

Built-in Scale

Most other smart luggages in the market provides a handle scale that requires lifting and are usually weak and fragile for a few uses. E-case comes with a smart in-built scale in the wheel which does not need heavy lifting, simply open the app and you will know the exact weight in pounds or kilograms.

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Proximity Detection and Multiple Locking System

By connecting your smartphone with E-case, you will receive an instant notification if your luggage is out of your sight or tampered by someone. Altogether with the real-time GPS tracking, you can track down to the location of where you bag goes if get stolen by thieves.

Another great feature by E-case is the unlocking system, once the luggage is locked, it can be unlocked by 3 ways — via the mobile app, fingerprint and sms. Through the in-built fingerprint readers, it stores up to 16 fingerprints at once. So you can literally unlock your luggage miles away for your friends, family or clients.

In addition, you can also set the E-case to temporarily unlock, and automatic re-lock again once passes through the security check.

App and Free Service

The E-case app can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play. And you will need to insert the specific provided ID and device Sim code to pair to your smartphone. Once everything set up, you can have your next trip with peace of mind. Also, E-case provides a free 2 years service, which cost you $9.99 in the following year.


Each E-case is equipped with 3000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery that lasts for 10 days from a single charge. It conserves energy by switching to sleep mode when not in use. For carry-on model, it has an additional removable 12,000 mAh power bank, which can fully charge up your iPhone 7 for about 6 times.

Price, Discount and Warranty

The price of E-case starts from just $245, early backers will get a huge discount rate up to 54%. Each E-case (20″, 24″ and 29″) will be expected to retail at $489, $549 and $609, respectively. The amount is limited however, visit the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign to check the availability.

Upon purchase, you will get a 5-year warranty for each E-case; And 1-year for the electronic modules. Additionally, a 2-year free annual service which later cost $9.99 each year.

Further, If the airline security, for some reason, confiscated or disabled your bag, E-case company will repair or replace you a new one for free.

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Maverick & Company’s Everyday Duffle Bag Set

We have so many bag to fit-in every purposes in our life. While constantly changing bag for every use is frustrating, for example, we have backpack, gym bag, duffle bag, shoulder strap, and so on. That isn’t smart, does it? So, how about one bag that has the functions of most of the bag? And if possible, one bag for all purposes including, gym, business trip, vacation, daily use, etc.

A good piece of bag is not just having a high quality craftsmanship and made of durable material, but can be easily blend into your daily life. As a consumers myself, I tend to have a good number of bag with me for all sort of purposes. Without compromising a modern look, i researched about the usefulness, durability, versatility, prices and so on, prior making my final decision.

Here is a highly versatile one that i’ll recommend to you.

Everyday Duffle Bag Set

By Maverick & Company, Everyday Duffle Bag Set is a multifunctional bag for all purposes. It has a capacity of 40 litre with a size of 20″ (long) x 11″(wide) x 12″(tall). Having a classic look, it comes with 21 pockets and 8 pieces of travel set. Also, it allows you to switch mode from backpack, shoulder strap, to hand carry mode for different purposes.

Custom size packing cubes

Unlike typical duffle that comes with 1 to 4 big open pockets, which neither look smart nor user friendly. Those duffles only let you to throw in everything, including shoes and toiletry, in one big compartment. Everyday Duffle is the other way round, it has 8 pieces of travel set so that you can customise what to bring and what not to, in each handy small bag. Each bag can be well aligned and organised to serve respective purposes:

  • Small packing cube
  • Shoe bag – water resistant.
  • Dirty clothes bag – hangable with drawstring closure. Tuck into a bottom pocket inside of duffle.
  • Travel wallet/electronic case – cords, power bank, accessories; credit card, passport and money.
  • Large packing cube
  • Toiletry bag – foldable and hangable.
  • Wet/dry bag – water proof.

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The 21 handy pockets – well-thought design for everything

Complied with international carry-on standard, you can use this duffle for your daily gym session, as a backpack, or for your next trip. The front part of the bag has a RFID safe zipped compartment that houses 8 pockets for small items such as credit cards, room key, phone, wallet, pens, passport, etc. For online entrepreneurs, it also designs with padded tablet sleeve, padded laptop sleeve (up to 17″), as well as a sleeve for mouse and headphone.

The bottom of the Everyday Duffle designs with 2 handy tuck-in pockets for your dirty clothes packing cube. Over the side (inner), it has 3 expandable mesh-pockets compartment for any drink bottles. For beach party or quick commuter, the side of the bag (also on backpack’s straps) has a zip-able easy access fleece lined pocket for your phone, wallet and sunglasses. Digging into the bottom of your bag for the key again? this bag even comes with a detachable key clip!

Price and Discount

Everyday Duffle is now available on Kickstarter starts from $99, and you can get Everyday Duffle at the cheapest price as one of the early bird. Each bag is expected to sell at $179 and $249 (full set), while you can enjoy up to 45% discount rate off future retailing price. Get your discounted Everyday Duffle via the link below to their official Kickstarter campaign page to check the availability.

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The Best Premium Toiletry Bag For Traveling

Meet your new favorite traveling companion: it’s organized, durable, and versatile, and it’s the best toiletry bag on the market. The Best Premium Toiletry Bag for Traveling is the perfect solution to bulky cases and disorganized bags, with pockets specifically designed for all your toiletry needs. It’s more than any ordinary toiletry bag: the Best Premium Toiletry Bag for Traveling is made using premium materials for a sleek, waterproof, and sturdy case. Unzip and lay the bag flat to pack, then zip it up and stow it away. With six deep pockets and high quality Zoom zippers, it conveniently fits your toothbrush, razor, and everything else you may need when away from home.

With a hidden stowaway strap, you can grab it and go, or tuck it away into your suitcase. The outer shell is made from Tarpaulin PVC, which is non-toxic and waterproof, and there are two different separate waterproof pockets to prevent messy shampoo spills or the mingling of your toothbrush and razor. No matter what you carry while traveling, this bag can fit and organize it. The makers are so confident in the benefits and quality of this bag, they offer customers a lifetime warranty!

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The Lifepack Hustle

Backpack to the Future: Introducing the Lifepack Hustle

Backpacks just got a lot smarter and more secure with the arrival of the new Lifepack Hustle. This high-tech bag, which can be purchased as a backpack or as a shoulder bag, comes with its own built-in security system and solar charging station. The Lifepack contains a patented lock with a meter-long retractable coil that can be wound around an armrest or table leg to keep your stuff safe. As a bonus, the end of the lock functions as a bottle opener! This is truly the Swiss army knife of bags. There is also a special exterior pocket for the solar battery, which can be used to fully charge up to five phones.

Despite having so many uses, the Lifepack has a chic, minimalist appearance. The interior contains an orderly array of pockets designed to neatly organize all your gadgets. There is a cushioned pocket for your laptop, and the material of the bag is shock-absorbent. Security and convenience are the priorities of the future, and the designers of the Lifepack had both in mind. Speaking of security and convenience, the August Smart Lock is another cool new gadget you might want to check out.

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The Everywhere Travel Set

In today’s day and age, the need for practicality is on a steep incline. It’s important for us to be prepared wherever we go, and this means having a backpack that can do it all. We love the idea of all-in-one anything and Johore LLC has fully accepted this.

Introducing the Johore Backpack, a four-in-one wearable rucksack that can also be a business bag, a duffel bag, a waist pocket, or a clutch bag. Each different option is tucked inside of the backpack in its original form ready at any moment to be transformed into what’s needed for the time being. On the inside, this backpack also has many slots for many jobs.

To start, you can find a hidden water bottle slot, a wireless phone charger, removable pouches, and even a shoe pocket on the side. That’s right, you can fit a pair of size 12 shoes inside of your backpack which also doubles as a duffel bag, executive bag, and fanny pack. Although it has many options, it isn’t difficult to navigate. The Everywhere Travel Backpack has a sturdy zipper around the entire perimeter of the bag that is smoothly operable. As for the inside organization, there are multiple pockets and slots intended for specific items so keeping tidy and neat is manageable.

The Johore can be taken to the airport, to school, a business meeting, and just about anywhere else. With its sleek, black look, it doesn’t matter where you go because it’ll always fit in. Thanks to it’s anti-slash, water-repelling material, the Johore will serve you proudly time and time again. This bag is a healthy cross between practicality, durability, and cost efficiency. Why not keep it organized and try a Johore Backpack? Happy packing.

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Vasco – Smart Packing for the Modern Man

Introducing the new Vasco smart packing cubes and bags, a packing system to organize your luggage for travel. Offering a variety of individual organizers to meet all of your travel needs, each packing bag has been thoughtfully created to keep your belongings organized to perfection. Picture the items that you typically pack into your suitcase: clothing, socks and shoes, cosmetics, shaving kit, chargers for electronics, and much much more. These packing cubes are created to keep everything organized so you can quickly locate everything once you reach your destination.

The Clothes bags are designed to reduce wrinkling and compress your clothes to create 60% more space in your suitcase. The Shoes bag keeps your shoes and socks in a special container that is made of an odor-reducing, waterproof material. The Cosmetics bag includes a hook so you can hang the bag and easily access the contents when you reach your final destination. The bag is made of waterproof material and has several compartments. The Electronics bag keeps your electronic charging components together to allow quick access. The Travel wallet, with special anti-theft technology, protects your credit cards and keeps your travel documents contained and protected.

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Albert – The Ultimate Anti Theft Backpack

Introducing Albert – The Ultimate Anti-Theft Backpack, a safe and full functional bag. Albert – The Anti-Theft, the number one anti-theft backpack in the market, made from anti-cut material, retractable lock, and a hidden zipper that makes it the makes it the perfect backpack for the person

Albert Comes with two colors (black & grey) and (all grey). With a smooth PU material and anti-cut material so you don’t have to worry about any bad look due to cuts. The backpack material is woven from a unique blend of advanced molecular weight polyethylene. Its’ materials are (60% Polymer Polyethylene Fabric, 30% Black Industrial level polyester silk, 10% Military level fiber), this makes it the most cut resistant backpack in the market.

It comes with an anti-theft hidden zipper which makes you the only person able to access the stuff you have. Not to mention the retractable wire lock with the backpack that allows you to lock it to any object beside you.

The backpack itself has a smart organization. The outside of the backpack has a hidden shoulder pocket on both left and right, hidden side pockets left and right, and a big hidden pocket. The inside of the backpack is divided into more than a part, two foam padded protected sleeves, Two firm and five mesh elastic pockets, space to store your jacket, and a pen and headphone holders. It also comes with an external USB port to charge your phone at any time.

With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing the best quality bags for customers, we proudly give you the chance to experience the best anti-theft backpack in the market.

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Trakk Fuel Will Work at the Office or in the Outbackh

Combine features to protect your assets from unwanted discovery or theft with the ease of power for your mobile devices to charge anywhere you go, the TRAKK FUEL is setting a new standard for business professionals. Today’s professionals often carry more than one mobile device or gadget and need to recharge on the go.

The FUEL’s 7,000 mAh battery will let you bypass the throngs at the airport while they search for an outlet to plug-in. Built with tough Jacquard Nylon this pack will protect your valuables, electronics and documents from moisture, temperature extremes and falls with its shock-resistant padded construction.

Stylish leather trim will let it blend with the other accessories in your wardrobe. This backpack will also store your documents and other business materials without fear of damage or bending. Secret compartments will allow you to hide sensitive materials from unwanted persons and the RFID blocking technology will keep the bad guys from stealing your credit cards. The TRAKK FUEL Your text to link… is so versatile that you could take it to the office during the week and strap it on for the big climb on the weekend.

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Up Your Adventurers with the Gunnar Military Leather Duffle Bagh

Presenting the Gunnar military leather duffle bag, a leather military style carry-on that makes for the perfect travel companion. Each bag is made of tanned oil tanned full grain leather with solid brass hardware and crafted by hand to ensure that only the finest quality product is shipped. Designed for the most rugged travelers, each duffle bag requires little maintenance over the years and the quality of leather only improves as it ages. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, Gunnar military leather duffle bags provide a reliable and premium bag ready to be taken on an adventure.

Measuring out to 1 foot in diameter and 2 feet in length, the Gunnar military leather duffle bag has ample storage while meeting all carry-on regulations. For the minimalist traveler, a week’s worth of clothes can be stuffed away but for the “overpackers”, a weekend getaways worth of items can be comfortably stored. Unlike conventional duffles, belongings are accessed through a side opening that is securely fastened closed by a brass latch that connects the should strap and easily unclips to allow the side opening to unfold. This latch also serves as an opening for a padlock to ensure items remain secure and safe. A helpful suggestion for packing clothes and belongings is to stack frequently used items like toiletries last for convenient access.

Customization and Attention to Details

What makes this bag a terrific well-rounded traveler is the customizable features designed to cater towards users. Gunnar military leather duffle bags can be personalized with a handle nameplate for initials, a zipper closure that lines the side of the bag providing additional accessibility, and a second shoulder strap that helps convert the duffle into a large backpack. The full-grain leather is a water-resistant material great for various travel environments and comes in 3 colors; mocha, saddle or black. Enjoy the great outdoors, drive cross country, or venture overseas with the Gunnar military leather duffle bag by your side.

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Charge your devices on the go with AMPL Bags

We’ve all heard of “wall-huggers”, the people who can’t find a convenient way to quickly charge their devices for everyday use, but what if that’s what users of the AMPL Backpack are saying about us because we still use a USB which plugs into a wall?

The AMPL backpack is a smart, easy way to recharge all your devices while on the go without ever having to let them out of your grasp, as well as a way to protect them from drops and drinks. With AMPL, you’ll never have to worry about running out of charge. The battery-powered backpack has an intelligent power management system and a SmartBattery which charges tablets, phones, and everything else you might need through 6 built-in USB outlets that are accessible in each pocket. There’s even an optional expansion battery and AC Inverter module for your laptop.

The AMPL backpack is perfect for journey as it’s lightweight, with shock-absorbing structure and a water-resistant exterior, but what’s that without an app to display battery-levels and adjust charging priorities? AMPL has the app. The AMPL also has embedded smart sensors to monitor power flows, weather, and even let you know if you’ve forgotten your bag.

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