create cinematic shots with the flowmotion one

With the help of technology, video recording trip memory is part of our life now, we know that some great memories may faded over time as we get older which is an absolute pain in the ass. People taking video for anything, it can be some nice views of summer vacation, funny moment with kid and pet, or simply for fun. The preserved pieces of sweet memories will stay forever and someday might even caught your smile off-guard.

We love to share our photo/video on Facebook and Instagram. GoPro, Olympus or other actions cameras no doubt can do a better job on video quality, but most of the time our existing smartphone is more than enough for the shots. To learn how take a better smartphone video is not an easy job, your videos may ended up shaky and hard to even post-edit them.

There are some average gears in the market like selfie stick can help you for a bit, but there is a much more impressive smartphone stabilizer option here for you.

FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer

Built with traveler in mind, FlowMotion One is a great tool to helps you capturing Hollywood-like cinematic film with just your smartphone. As how put it, “Don’t confuse FlowMotion One with a pimped out selfie stick. It’s far from that “.

The Company FlowMotion was founded on 2015, it now consists a team of 10 members and growing. Inspired by action sports and videography, they are looking to develop a solution gadget that everyone can use to ends the shaky videos. It receives numerous awards from some big expos, which after that, FlowMotion One launches a Kickstarter campaign on 23 Nov 2016 and has surprisedly reached its $30,000 goal in an hour.

“How Sway?” Said Adam.

FlowMotion One packs with some cool features that other related product doesn’t. It can be a Bluetooth-enable wearable device where to fit your existing helmet, bike or car mount. Pairs with a joystick, granting a better control off your footage’s angle. Or connect it to the FlowMotion’s extension pole that allows a close up shoot from a distance. The unique streamlined design of the product offering a 3-axis stabilization to eliminate all those shakiness that upsetting your Facebook’s friends.

FlowMotion One is portable. It comes with a weight of 300g (0.66 lb) that can carry around easily. The grip is detachable, you can fold the stabiliser to fit into your pocket.

Aside from its compactness, the FlowMotion app offers auto-follow technology. Simply mark the video object on screen, the app will always keep the person/object in focus regardless of how they move. Via the app, live stream your favourite skiing moves in a stunning vibration-free professional looking video.

FlowMotion One features 3 hours of battery life which require a 2 hours full charge. You can get additional add-ons on their Kickstater campaign for the price listed as:
Carbon Extension Pole
Spare Battery
GoPro Mount
If you are interested, you can back their Kickstarter campaign by visiting the link below. Please be noted that Earliest bird $169 and Early bird $179 pledge options are no longer available.

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LuminAID – Solar Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger (2-in-1)

Ever since the discovery of electricity and light bulb, light become one of the most important resource in human history. It often symbolises power, hope and dream that lights up those who are in fear or afraid of pursuing their goal. In reality, electricity-generated light have brought us to a whole new structure of economy, social, lifestyles and makes our world a little brighter and safer so that we can extend the night fun/work a little.

All of us were nevertheless born with the lights on, but we would never appreciate how it is to be in the actual darkness. Except from a book that i read recently about North Korea defectors, who always gazing across China border and amazed by the Neon lightings all over the night, or “paradise” they say. According to that, there is a complete darkness after 8pm at night in most part of North Korea. At the same time, people who suffering from natural disasters such as earthquake and tsunami, would have a hard time of losing everything and only subsist on the international handouts for basic needs. That is the core value and what LuminAID suppose to be.


Started soon after the incident of Haiti Earthquake in 2010, Anna and Andrea have created a solar powered inflatable light that can pack flat and is water proof. It designed to help victims who have no access to electricity, to give them a solid and sustainable way in the harsh environment. Partner with NGOs, LuminAID has distributed over 10 000 units to many disaster areas across more than 50 countries.

After receiving lots of requests, they have now coming back with the improved versions.

LuminAID – Solar Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger (2-in-1)

PackLite Max Phone Charger is an upgraded version to the first, it integrates with the ability of cell phone charging and can be charged by both micro USB (1-2 hours) or sunlight (12-14 hours). It features increases in versatility and portability of being able to pack flat down to 1″ or inflates into 6″ cube lantern. Equipped with 2000 mAh battery, it provides 50 working hours on Low Mode and enable to charge up your phone/tablet/camera/electronic devices as fast as a wall outlet (5V/2.4 Amps).

As an emergency source of lighting, it only weights 8.5 oz (0.24 Kg) which is only one third of a conventional rechargeable lantern pack. PackLite is also for camping, hiking, or any activity in the wild, it can be pack flat to only 1″ and maximise the portability, and expanded into a 6″ lantern cube in no time. Design for practical uses, it built with 150 lumens and offers 5 adjustable brightness settings:

  • 150 lumens (3-5 hrs)
  • 75 lumens (6-8 hrs)
  • 18 lumens (16-18 hrs)
  • 15 lumens (44-50 hrs)
  • 15 lumens of flashing (60-72 hrs)

PackLite is 100% water proof. You can use it on any whether or even submergible up to 1 meter underwater (IP67).


The drawback however, is on the low capacity of the battery whereby mayn’t able to fully recharge your smartphone as most of the smartphones now have 2000 mAh to 3000 mAh battery. Nonetheless, LuminAID is not designed to replace your battery packs or phone charger, but as a source of emergency when you ran out of options.

Charging by sunlight is slow and may take up to 14 hours or more. Technically, solar charging is the conversion of portion of energy from sunlight into electricity, and the efficiency is largely determined by the surface area of the solar panel and weather conditions. Even in the ideal experimental environment, solar cell technology will only be able to convert about 20% of the solar energy. In facts, most of the solar panels in the market are much lesser than the actual percentage, thus making the process slow and inefficient. On this matter, PackLite offers micro USB charging which takes about 1-2 hours as a much faster alternate charging method.

Where to buy and price

LuminAID Max (without phone charging version) is now available on most of the big online stores like Amazon and eBay for about $30. You can also get the first version for $17. Alternatively, it is also available on Kickstarter along with the donation packages if you would like to enlighten some refugee families. I have put up the direct links to their Amazon and Kickstarter campaign page below if you are interested to buy or to learn more.

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Ztylus 4-in-1 Revolver Lens Smartphone Camera Kit

These day, smartphones are getting smarter and usually built with high resolution camera that some even outcompeted a real camera. Unarguably, most of the photographers believe that a small smartphone camera is nowhere near a real professional DSLR camera. While that might be true for expert photographers, but majority of the users are simply looking to shoot some stunning photos with their existing smartphone.

For amateur uses, nobody would like to carry with some big, expensive and bulky camera equipment set. Thus, choosing a satisfactory smartphone and some accessories is more than enough to take a nice shot that’s beyond impressive. To snap a good photo with smartphone that closes to a professional-grade photography, the camera lenses is the turning point.

While we have recently reviewed a phone case drone for aerial photography, the market today is already flooded of a variety of phone case lens kit that help taking better photos. For example, the clip-on lens, cheaper HD Camera Lens Kit 5 and Universal Lens Kit with holder.

But this camera kit here in BoyGadgets is a combine of all. Introduce Ztylus.


With their successful smartphone case RV2  series, Ztylus is on its way again to the next-level smartphone photography. In case you are not familiar with Ztylus, it is an innovative company by a group of photographers who focuses on making metal series of sleek smartphone lenses that come close to professional. Since the time of iPhone 5 was still on the hot trend, Ztylus made a modern phone case with a cool “flip” of the interchangeable 4-in-1 lens that loved by everyone.

Ztylus 4-in-1 Revolver Lens Smartphone Camera Kit

Similar to its forerunner, but better, Ztylus is now featuring their new case for iPhone 7 Plus. A neat and modern outfit for your smartphone that has a built-in “flipping” system of the lens at the back of your phone. For installation, the snug fitting design that seamlessly pair with your iPhone 7 Plus is so satisfying from just looking at it (check the video).

Not just having a great look, Ztylus providing 4 main lens options— Macro Lens, Wide Angle Lens, Fisheye Lens and CPL lens. All the lenses work separately to improve the photo’s vision field, angle, clarity and more.

Olloclip, Ztylus biggest competitor, also offer a 4-in-1 lenses that can simply attach to your phone camera. Personally, having to bring an add-on accessory is a complete different experience from using lenses that is already on the back of your phone cases. Moreover, it may not fit to your existing phone case as you will need to take off before you can clasp the clip.

Ztylus phone case is made by alloy, brass and quality polycarbonate. Doubles as a protective case, it is strong and able to cover up your phone completely to protect against scratches and bumps. On its side, it has several precise cutouts for easy access to all the ports and controls. Looking to find an iPhone stand for your hours of Neflix series? The lens can be easily detached and turn it into a sleek metal stand in seconds.

Price and Buy

In less then $100, you can get Ztylus camera kit from Amazon, eBay and also their official website. Check out the link below to learn more.

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Jack By Podo Labs – Make Any Headphones Wireless

Add the convenience of wireless streaming to your headphones with Jack. Jack Bluetooth Audio Adapter by Podo Labs is the latest launching on Kickstarter. Jack sharing mode enables you to share music with your friends. The good thing about this Bluetooth audio adapter is that it’s compatible with various devices, may it be tablet, computer, phone or smart watch. Not only is this device easy to set up but it also automatically reconnects with other devices.

Jack Bluetooth Audio Adapter – Key Features

  • Features 12 hours playback. Jack uses the best battery in the market. The 300 mAh is the largest battery and most efficient in the industry. You can charge your phone during use.
  • Social sharing. Jack is the best Bluetooth adaptor that enables to sync headphones and share those melodies. Sharing mode allows you to share music melodies with your friends. You only need to sync two jacks and split the audio from your music playlist or a movie on your laptop. Just a single button click and you are good to go.
  • Receiving and transmitting. Since it is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled phone, laptop, tablets and others. You can receive audio from such devices and play it through any audio player, for instance your speakers or headphones. You can use jack to transmit audio to another jack or Bluetooth headphones from a normal aux output.
  • Support volume control. This unique adapter is compatible with your volume controls as well as your in-line microphones

How it works: User Guide

  1. Plug in your headphones
  2. Pair it with your device
  3. Play audio wirelessly

Wireless and Bluetooth 

  • Simple set-up.
  • Works with your Bluetooth headphones.
  • Long-range wireless.
  • Simultaneous tablet, Smartphone and computer paring.
  • Easy to pair and re-pair.
  • Convenient Bluetooth pairing button.
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Frequently Asked Questions –FAQ and Answers

  • What makes jack different from others?
  • Jack is the only adapter in the market that allows you to sync headphones and wirelessly enjoy music with a friend.
  • The jack uses the leading materials in the industry CSR8670 chip and aptX protocol which provides the best audio quality.
  • Jack battery is the largest among competitors (300mAh), and Jack fully supports in-line microphones and volume controls.
  • How good is the audio quality?

It is the best quality. In fact, Jack will output with a 44.1 kHz rate with the Bluetooth A2DP profile or any other source. Within 10 feet range the quality will be awesome.

  • Can one sync more than two jacks together?

No, more than two jacks can’t sync directly with each other but only two Jacks can.

  • Can I receive calls via my headphones microphone while using jack?

Yes! If your phone has a built-in microphone.

Final Verdict

Jack by podo labs is a stylish Bluetooth adaptor that can make any headphone wireless. It also allows you to share your favorite songs with friends. Tiny but works magic. It boasts your battery for 12 hours and plays hi-def audio.

Jack is all you need to turn your favorite headphones into a wireless sound system for your phone, tablet or computer. Simply plug in your headphones into this tiny magical Bluetooth audio adapter, pair it with your device and you’re ready to enjoy your music. It is very easy pairing and re-pairing. Are you a music lover, buy this magic adapter from Kickstarter stores at an affordable price.

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SELFLY Camera – The Phone Case Drone

Having a drone is cool and fun to play with, but we know that it’s not much than just a toy. Wait a sec, it can now be an extended flying selfie stick that way beyond your arm’s length. In recent years, as you may already know the “selfie drone” or something similar exists, like an autonomous drone that flies and follows you down the road.

Although nobody use it to catch Pokemon anymore, drone still has lots of practical uses. In fact, it is first produced for military uses, and now people starts to use it in almost every sectors real-life as in agriculture to monitor the crop or spraying of insecticide, filming and aerial photography, geographical mapping, or even shipping/delivery at a short distance like how Amazon does.

Now we have a great news for all selfiers out there. More and more companies are starting to develop drones that helps people to snap a better picture, and they are now even lighter, more versatile, and very affordable.

Selfly Camera – The smart, flying, phone case camera

A selfie autonomous drone which is also a phone case. It has an incredible thickness of just 9mm (3/8in) and a very affordable price tag at $79 (early bird). The coolest part of all, it’s part of your phone that fit in your pocket.


Founded by Hagay Klein, who is a civil pilot with 20 years of aviation experience. Selfly Camera is created by a group of professional experts from different background which including orthodontist, theoretical physicist, software engineer and designer.

Stable Autonomous Flying

Okay, what is autonomous? It means the drone can fly and hovering by itself without human control. With the weight of just 70 grams (integrated with 650 mAh battery), user can choose to control with hand gesture, via the app, or simply make it follows you.

You can connect the drone to the WiFi and each flight lasts for about 5min. Taking cinematic and full landscape photo are much easier when you have an aerial camera in hand. No more shaky video!

Camera and Compatibility

The camera has a resolution of 8.0 megapixels and is able to shoot up to 1080p HD at 30 frame/sec. Perfect for taking any stunning photos and videos! In addition, it offers live video stream, fly by picture piloting, face detection and more.

This case drone has a dedicated case for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy series smartphones. To be a revolutionary game changer, it is compatible with all 4-6 inch mobile phones with a universal flip cover case. Also, the Selfly’s software is designed to work well with Android and iOS operating system.

Where to buy

Selfly camera is currently only available on Kickstarter in two color options— black and white . You can help to support their project by making a pledge starting as low as just $79 under their early bird promotion. After the promotion period, each drone case are expected to be selling at $139 (43% off retail).

Bottom line

We already have lots of mini portable drones in the market, what makes this drone so special is their integration to the smartphone cases. Since we don’t take picture all the time, bringing an extra aerial camera drone is a hassle. But when we do, this camera case makes aerial photography more portable and intuitive.

They cons for this invention however, could still be the ~1cm added to the phone thickness. A trade-off with the aerial photography feature, so would you use this in your phone? a question back to consumers. The overall camera specification is good and satisfactory in ideal environment, but the actual performance and other practical problems such as wind resistant and video shakiness are still awaited to be confirmed.

On one hand, although the price is considered okay, they make the case light and thin, does it affect the long term uses? As a consumer, it certainly look quite fragile and does not stand a hit. Since the primary function of the case is to protect our phone, if we accidentally drop our phone (like most of us do), is the case really durable enough to hold the impact?

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ET Mini – The world’s smallest pocket entertainment system

Hanging out with friends or family in a long overnight trip strengthen the bonds and gives you an exceptional feeling of loves. We’re talking about heading into the woods for a wild adventure with no urban stress, you are back to the exciting and pure-relaxing primitive life. While enjoying the freshest air, you may also get bored from no good entertainment. In daytime, you can get lots of fun doing whatever that goes into your hand; Whereas, night is not so much.

Besides than chit-chating, there’s not much nighttime activities for group entertainment with your friends and family. What about watching movies/sports together? Here we got a cool portable entertainment system for you. Its weird look may catch your attention first. Inspired by Vader’s mask, Vader is a fiction character — the dark warrior from Star War.

ET Mini By AcTek

ET Mini is an all-in-one portable system for entertainment. It features HD image projection, 360° high quality 4W audio system and wireless operation. The projector can be adjusted from 0° to 90°, therefore you can set it to project on any flat surface you like. For example, room ceiling for Neflix with your loved one at night.


AcTek ET Mini offers screen mirroring from iOS and Android devices. It displays stretches image at a large-sized flat surface up to 120 inches wirelessly. For battery, it is 5000 mAh lithium ions rechargeable and allows up to 2.5 hours of continuous playtime. It can be charged by common 5V/2A cord or any available USB battery packs.

To elevate your wireless experience, ET Mini supports Airplay, DLNA and Miracast from your smart devices. The signal transmission can be done in 3 ways — HDML, micro SD and wireless. In terms of design, its unique design and adjustable viewing angle LED light source (60 lumens) allows you to adjust up to 90° easily. Unlike other projector, the DLP micro-technology provides a brighter, vibrant colors and shaper exceptional HD image. For audio, It built with 4W internal Bluetooth speaker so that you don’t have to carry an extra one.

ResolutionOperating systemPower supplyBattery CapacityDimensionWeight
854*480 (compatible with 1080p)
LuxUI@Android 4.4
5V / 2A
5000 mAh Li-ion
19oz / 550grams


Thanks to the crystal clear sound quality, you do not need any external audio system to work alongside ET Mini. Simply plug-in your karaoke mic, and rock the wildest night like never before. AcTek ET Mini is suitable for group entertainment too, all you need is just a plain white background to enjoy the ET Mini’s 120″ big theatre projection for movies/sports/cartoons in your family picnic, camping or outdoor party. ET Mini is light in weight, which is about 550 grams (19 oz) and can be compactly fold-down to fit into your backpack easily.

Besides, they are tons of other useful applications which we do not discuss here. For instance, watching movies in bed while projecting upright on the ceiling, projecting games (from smartphone, iPad, etc) on bigger surface, hand-free cooking tutorial in kitchen, portable presentation device, standalone high performance speaker, and more.

Buy and Price

AcTek ET Mini is now available on Kickstarter starting from $99. For early birds, you can enjoy big discounted promotional price off retail with rewards, check their campaign page to learn more. This product is not yet available on Amazon and eBay.

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Spigen S317 Stand for iPhone & Airpods 2 in 1

If you’re a fan of organization and convenience, you’ll want to check out the two-in-one Spigen S317 designed exclusively for iPhones and Airpods.
From its premium, non-slip Nanotac gripping base to its two cable ports, the Spigen charging stand securely docks your Apple devices and eliminates wire clutter, while your mobile devices remain both operational—i.e., the display works while charging—and readily accessible (You can even answer the phone one-handed!)

Designed to hold one iPhone, one Airpods case, and the two original Apple lightning cables that thread in through the back, the S317 neatly positions both devices on one compact, immovable stand, reducing workspace clutter. As an added bonus, the Spigen stand keeps your iPhone cleaner, because you’re not laying it on a table or other dirty surface to charge.

Please note, as mentioned above, the Spigen works only with the original Airpod case and iPhone—models 7, 7-Plus, 6S, 6, 6S-Plus, 6-Plus, SE, 5S, and 5—and the original Apple lightning cable.

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Nikola Labs Smartphoane Case

The revolutionary smartphone case from Nikola Labs
As advanced as technology is these days, we still use the basic principles that inventor Nikola Tesla did so long ago when he made it possible for electricity to be transmitted through wires, as well as the proof given by physicist Heinrich Hertz when he showed it could also be transmitted wirelessly.

Aptly named for the inventor, Nikola Labs recently released to the public a device that converts radio frequencies in a form that can power devices. With proper respect for the inventor, they launched their first product with the technology in the building Nikola Tesla lived and then died in – the maiden device being a case for a smartphone, the iPhone 6. Using the ever-present signals and frequencies, Nikola Labs found a way to capture 90% of the wasted energy that is produced by a phone and then replace it into the phone, giving the original life a 30% longer span. Nikola Lab’s invention isn’t even a battery – it just utilizes what already there.

The new technology could be used for so many different purposes, such as embedded sensors and medical devices, thus forever changing the face of our personal devices as well as our own views.

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Symlis Sparrow & Swallow New Technology

Are you tired of your old USB cable and Flash Drive? Here comes the Symlis Sparrow & Swallow technology that has brought a new, beautiful experience into our lives.

Sparrow & Swallow are multi-functional gadgets that provide you with a Micro USB to USB cable. The device can function freely and effectively within a complex environment. To increase efficiency, the SmartOn Technology enables the gadget to automatically switch from USB cable to card reader mode by merely folding and unfolding.

When folded the Sparrow and Swallow incorporates into micro SD card reader. The SD card reader has completely substituted your old flash drive with impressive features. It can support up to 128G micro SD card. Therefore, you can move most of your large files like movies, music or photos from your phone to the SD card. Their chip is MFi Certified by the Apple Company. However, the memory card is not included and need to be purchased separately.

Also, the Symlis Sparrow provides you with an efficient way of sharing files on a multiple platforms using On-The-Go (OTG). The OTG allows your smartphone or tablet to become a host device to share data with other peripheral hardware’s like PC’s, other smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, the USB OTG allows the host device to communicate with such gadgets like mouse, keyboards or flash drives. The communication will happen as long as there is enough power output provided to the peripherals gadgets by the host device. Consequently, you can use the OTG to free up your phones memory space. The free up can be done by saving large files or creating backup files in your Sparrow to access it later. However, the Swallow does not have the OTG features.

When unfolded the Symlis Sparrow and Swallow turns into a charging and sync cable. The cable provides you with a high current carrying charging service for your iPhone, iPad or tablet. The charging and sync can be done anytime from the USB port.

The Symlis Sparrow & Swallow is keychain-friendly. Its free design is easily portable anywhere at any time on your keychain.

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Looking for a Sturdy iPhone/iPod Dock? Check out the Native Union Dock+

Custom Gallery: images not found

Introducing the Native Union Dock+ Apple Lightening Marine charging dock for your iPhone or iPad. The DOCK+ sits on any flat surface such as your desk or kitchen counter. It provides a stable base to handle your charging needs for your iPhone or iPad. The design of the Dock+ also adds a sleek, elegant look that is sure to be pleasing to the eye and not an eyesore like some other products in this category. Aircraft grade aluminum and base support from weighted silicone allows you to use your device comfortably even as it recharges.

DOCK+ comes equiped with a 4 ft. MFi Certified Lightening cables for your device. The Lightening cable is also braided which matches the color of the charging dock. The cable is made from durable braided nylon that guards against wear and tear. The DOCK+ can only be used with the included MFi certified Lightning cable. Apple’s Lightning cable is not compatible with the Dock+.

The following devices are compatible with DOCK+: iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini (all generations), iPod Touch (5th generation or higher), iPod Nano (7th generation or higher), Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Magic Trackpad 2, Apple Magic Mouse 2, Apple TV Remove with Touch (for 4th generation Apple TV), and the Apple Smart Battery Case. If you are not sure of the model of your Apple device or what generation it falls under, please visit Apple’s Model Guides on their website or do a quick Google search.

Your iPhone deserves more than just a cable

As far as your device fitting in the DOCK+, if it belongs to any of the above models and families, the device will fit. Also, if you would like to keep your device in a case, as long the case is not thicker than 3.5mm, your iPhone or iPad will fit perfectly.

If you want a sturdy and eye-catching dock to charge your iPhone, iPad, or an assortment of other Apple devices, the Dock+ is definitely worth a look. Not only is the Dock+ constructed with hardy materials, it looks great. Also, the Lightning cable that is included is everything you want in a charging cable. It is braided for extra added protection as well as 4 feet long which is the perfect size for a cable used with a docking device.

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Protect Your iphoneX from Radiation Evils with SafeSleeve

As public use of mobile technology has increased, so has public concern that radiation emitted from cellular phones may induce brain cancer. For now, scientific studies indicate no causal links between cell phone usage and increased cancer incidence – however, the authors of these studies acknowledge that results are preliminary and that their findings did indicate a change in glucose metabolism within the brain, the effects of which are not fully understood at present.

If you choose to be cautious at this time, the SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation and RFID Wallet Case for the iPhoneX will shield you from 99% of ELF and RF radiation that may be emitted by your phone. Both ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) and RF (Radio Frequency) bandwidths are not associated with ionizing radiation, which can cause DNA damage, but they are known to be bioactive and can also heat organic cellular tissue. With the SafeSleeve’s FCC-tested shielding technology, you can have peace of mind that your phone isn’t frying a piece of brain.

These days, the technology you carry with you is also prey for the criminal element, which can scan RF chipped credit cards without your consent or even awareness. Fake charges and even identity theft are the risks here. While scanning crimes are currently rare, many hackers have shown in blogs and online videos just how easy it is to scan card information from meters away on a busy street, and it may be only a matter of time before the criminals catch on. The SmartSleeve’s RFID blocking wallet has slots for several cards inside.

Even with these protective features, the SmartSleeve looks like a fashionable phone cover.
It has a form factor only millimeters bigger than your iPhone, comes in several colors, and the latching cover serves as an adjustable stand for no hands viewing.

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Convenience at its Best: iPhone Flexible Holder Stand

As convenient as an iPhone can be, there’s one area it indisputably lacks in – being able to sit up on its own. Whether you’re trying to watch videos or just feel tired of having to hold your phone up to eye level all the time, this simple failure of design can be a real headache. Propping your phone up on random objects might work for a time, but there’s got to be a more elegant and efficient solution out there somewhere.

Lucky for you, there is. The iPhone’s own flexible holder stand, the COIL-H, is here to solve all your troubles. With the COIL-H, you never have to worry about supporting your phone again, as the super flexible 36 inch vinyl-wrapped coil gooseneck and adjustable holder assembly can be moved around to the perfect angle.

The holder assembly’s ergonomic design allows you to adjust each of the four prongs independently, moving from a minimum distance of 2.3 inches apart to 3.5 inches, ensuring all but the most massive smartphones can fit securely inside it. Plus, thanks to the gooseneck’s flexible design, it can be turned in all directions at any time, instantly switching between landscape and portrait views to fit your needs.

Beautiful, practical and flexible

In addition to the COIL-H, each stand comes with a 5/64″ wrench and 3/32″ wrench, meaning you won’t need to go out and buy any specialized equipment to begin adjusting it to your liking. You’ll even get a 1-year warranty with every purchase in case there’s any problems.

If you’re tired of fiddling with your iPhone, trying in vain to make it sit up at the right angle and propping it on top of random objects before it inevitably falls over, then the COIL-H might just be the thing for you. With its robust and ingeniously simple design, you’ll never have to worry about holding onto your phone again.

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AirBar Review – Turn any Laptop into Touchscreen

We are so used to touchscreen these day at a prevalent point where it’s so easy to lose sight of how they come to exist few years back. In smartphone technology, touchscreen and multitouch interface are now the basic communication tool between human and computer. In contrast to smartphone, touchscreen on laptop are not as popular as it would be.

Rather than using touchscreen, people prefer to use mouse, keyboard and touchpad on laptop mainly for their assignment or work-related task, which has a much better pin-point precision and faster response.

Ever wonder how touchscreen actually work? There are two methods, the one using for smartphone are known as capacitive touchscreen, whereby a tiny electrical charge transferred from the screen to your finger to complete the circuit. That is the reason of why if you are wearing gloves or using any insulated object does not work on smartphone.

Still, despite the fact that we already have some sleek touchscreen laptops on the market, in this article we gonna save your money for the new one and make your existing laptop touchscreen-able.


Airbar is an innovative long black rectangular bar that magnetically stick to the bezel underneath your laptop display. If you happen to have a black or grey color laptop, you may not even notice it was there. Technically, Airbar casts a beam of light to create an invisible light field across your screen, and when you break the light field on the screen, a signal will be sent to locate the spot.

Without any pre-installed driver, Airbar can be easily installed by simply attach the bar 3mm below the display, connect the USB cable to your laptop to draw energy, you may then play with your years-old laptop seamlessly just like your touchscreen tablet.

It does not limited to just your fingers, since it’s powered by light instead of touch, literally any object can be used to interfere with the light field and granting control access to your computer i.e. chopstick, paintbrush, cloth, rubber, etc.

It works perfectly with pinch, scroll, zoom and other two-finger gestures just like your regular touchscreen devices. However three fingers or even more fingers gestures is currently not supported, which we believed that the feature will be addressed in the upcoming firmware updates.

Thanks to the smart laser technology, if you somehow have forgotten to remove Airbar before closing the lid, Airbar will make a clear beeps to remind you when it detected your hand on top of the screen to shut the lid.


Airbar is well compatible with Window and Chrome OS operating system. It too has a limited functionality on OS X Macbook, which may eventually be supported in the future. Neonode came out a total of four common screen sizes which are 11.6 inches, 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches to fit your display’s size, and best of all, all sizes will retail at the same price.

Please be noted that Neonode only launched its 15.6 inches Airbar currently.

Release Date

After all the waiting, the company Neonode Inc has finally settled the release on 2016 and shipped their first AirBar on May this year.

Availability and price 

Airbar is available to buy on its official website for the price of $69. Alternatively, if you happened to use a lot, they are available on Amazon too for about $68. You can learn more via the link below.

Despite its not a necessity, but having a portable touchscreen add-on that can be disable anytime is quite a whim. If you have time, do feel free to check out our review on other related cool gadgets too.

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Bambooti – Real Stone MacBook Covers And Phone Cases

Our expensive electronic devices like Macbook and cellphones are useful for not just communication entertainment and assignment, but also a way to express your style and fashion. We love Macbook, but not the same boring grey skin surrounding the Apple icon.

Not everyone loves the original classical look. To make it stand out of a crowd, a custom theme/skin symbolises how your personality and unique character implies on each of your daily belongings. Market today offers varieties of cool skin for your Macbook and cellphone, from rubbery to hard shell, and from Naruto to Marvel heroes.

Even the selection is numerous, you will probably still find a few of the people who bought the exactly same theme as yours. And it’s awkward.

Real Stone MacBook Covers And Phone Cases


BambootiGemini, a stone-made unique skin for your Macbook and phones. Each cover is distinctive, handcrafted and is made out of real stone with great feeling and visual to fit your style. No two covers will ever be the same.

You might be wondering if these skin are heavy, thick and fragile right?

Each skin is 1 mm in thickness and weight less than 80 grams (2.8 oz). It’s not only flexible to bend and curve, but also very durable even if you hammered them. You can watch the stress testing via the link below to their official Kickstarter page.

How does it made?

Under this campaign, Bambooti offering 7 stone types made by their collaborator from India. The process of making these skin are using curing resin to literally “peel-off” a thin layer from a huge metamorphic stone block. After a meticulous post-modification work to the stone skin, it remains its unique texture, pattern and colors. Therefore, each finished cover consists of 4 layers — stone, cotton, resin and adhesive, altogether in just 1 millimetre.

[WPGP gif_id=”9661″ width=”600″]

These stone-made covers give a personal touch to your devices, so that you don’t have to worry about the awkward moment when seeing somebody else has the exact same skin as yours.

Little story about Bambooti

Two guys from Bambooti who previously launched a successful Kickstarter campaign selling their bamboo/wooden made phone and laptop covers. With the result of more than 200% of their original pledge, they’re now coming back with their second approach over their ideas of customise electronic covers. This time, with real stone.

Macbook and Phone

The stone skin is compatible to most of the latest Macbook model, including Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. For phones, it’s also available for varieties of iPhone model, Samsung model, and Nexus model. There is a list of compatible phone and Macbook model on their campaign page, learn more via the link below.

Price and Discount

Each skin cover is now only available for $45 (phone) and $70 (Macbook). Grab fast, so that you can save up to 40% discount off the retail price. Check out their page to learn more.

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Nope – Smart Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover

Custom Gallery: images not found

Introducing the Nope – Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover, a new era of protection and privacy. Now, we all know that any camera in any device has a chance to be hacked, but did you know that even your microphone can also be hacked? This might be surprising to you and you might be thinking what to do to stop any hacker. Well, we have the solution for you. The Nope – Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover is the only way to guarantee your privacy by covering the camera or blocking your microphone when you are not using it. With a beautiful design which compliments the beautiful aesthetics of top devices, the Nope – Sound Blocker and Webcam Cover have a very clean design which are way better than putting a tape that will leave marks and will not look professional on your device.

So how do they work? The Nope Sound Blocker, with a micro electronic circuitry, forces your device to sense an installed mic. This turns off the device’s on board microphones which blocks out sound. Not to mention that it is simple to use, with a clean minimalist design, and works with laptops, desktops, and even your smartphone device. It also comes with a key chain holder that holds 2 Sound Blockers one on each side, that provides a convenient storage with a stylish soft silicone.

As for the Nope – Webcam Cover, a 2-part 3m tape, has a mechanism of a slider that runs along the top and bottom rails of its body. It is made from a combination of high grade Aluminum for the outer rim and a polymer sheet for the slider. With the worlds’ thinnest (0.3 mm) length of 15.6 mm, a width of 6.5 mm camera cover, smooth sliding system, works on almost all devices, is the perfect gadget for your protection and privacy.

For another smart gadget, checkout the new ORII – THE MODERN SMART RING. A gadget with the taste of an accessory.

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LAER – A Laptop Sleeve To Charge All Your Devices

LAER is the ultimate laptop case for people who are constantly on the move. Toting around several different chargers for all your devices can be cumbersome, and it is often hard to find a charging station on the go. LAER offers a complete solution to this frustrating problem.

LAER is a Bluetooth-enabled laptop case that charges laptops, smartphones and tablets. With its built-in battery, you can charge all your devices without needing to plug them into a wall. It includes DC charging for PCs and Macs, a USB-C port and a USB port with Quick Charge. With its international adapters, you can truly charge your devices anywhere in the world.

Through its own app, LAER pairs with your smartphone to provide you with complete control of your laptop case. In addition, the app is able to track your case so that you will never misplace it.

The case itself is compact, expanding only when you need it to. The material offers the durability you need to preserve your devices, as well as providing cushioning and protection from scratches. Similar to this backpack that includes a solar power bank to charge your phone, LAER provides a compact solution to all-in-one charging on the go.

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