People can define you based on your car’s condition. In the past, cars were a symbol of wealth. Currently, a car is viewed as a basic necessity. Technology has introduced innovative gadgets that have become important to car owners. This scenario has made survival without these devices unbearable. They are convenient and highly efficient. In fact, life is a lot simpler with these devices.

5 New and Awesome Car Accessories

TaoTronics Bluetooth Receiver

TaoTronics is a music lover’s best gadget. It allows the car occupants to listen to their favorite music while enjoying their ride. This accessory allows you to play your playlist from the phone or tablet. Its wireless design is perfect for a connection with a Bluetooth enabled device. TaoTronics works by plugging into the car’s audio head. Once the gadget is intact, you become in-charge of playing music. You can also add or reduce the volume. It has a Double Link technology that enables you to multi-task. You can listen to music while answering a phone call. This gadget is a driver’s best choice.

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Car Vacuum Cleaner: Onshowy 12 Volt 75

Cleaning your car might be tedious. Further, using a full-sized vacuum cleaner might be difficult to transport everywhere. The perfect portable vacuum cleaner is the Onshowy 12 Volt 75. This superb vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor for removing all hair, debris, and dirt. Your car will be spotless after using this vacuum cleaner. After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner eliminates the waste through a one-step empty mechanism. Additionally, you do not need to worry about the length. It can stretch up to 4.5 meters thus enhancing your cleaning.

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Car Seat Gap Filler: Drop Stop

A Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler is what you need for your car. It will not only make cleaning easier, but it will also stop dirt from entering between spaces. Instead of manually removing stuck coins or candy wrappers from spaces between seat belts, the Drop Stop accessory will quickly help you while cleaning. It has a feature known as a premium quality neoprene that allows it to either expand or contract while removing dirt between gaps.

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All Season Rubber Floor Mat: Armor All 78840

If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your car carpet, you should purchase the right mat. Dirt, rocks, and gum are messy for your car mat. However, the all-season rubber floor mat has a Carpet Claw technology that helps to prevent dirt from getting into contact with your carpet car. Its design guarantees optimum resistance against cracking or curling.

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Tools of Life

The Tools of Life include a car hammer, window breaker, seatbelt cutter, and emergency escape tools. No one is ever prepared for an accident or a collision. However, being prepared is better than nothing. The Tools of Life should be every driver’s priority. In case of an accident, these tools are become useful, for instance, you can break a window with a window breaker tool.

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Conclusively, accessorizing your car with different gadgets can make driving and cleaning easier. If you love your car, then it should be given the best and latest technologies such as the TaoTronics. You should also equip your car with the convenient Tool of Life in case of a crash.