Robbie Richards got on everyone’s lips when he posted a, hang on now, skyscraper post, on the topic of the skyscraper technique – a term coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko, which in essence concerns taking a popular blog post, and making it better in different ways. If you want the details on this, head over to backlinko and do some reading or read the post referred to above. Now let’s get back to Richard.

In addition to running his blog, he recently started a new series of videos posted every friday; The 5 minute friday.

Today, Richard posted episode 2, where he shows you how to perform a keyword gap analysis.

Welcome to the “5-Minute Friday” weekly video series where I share tips, tools and tactics you can use to get more online traffic and conversions. No fluff, just actionable tactics you can implement right away in your business.

An interesting new move from Richard. I watched today’s video and I really like it. Richard is clear and concise and provides some interesting points on keyword gaps. I will be following along on this Richard. Keep’m coming.