If you haven’t noticed, crypto currencies are beginning to take the world by storm. This is a globally accepted currency that continues to gain momentum. If you have not yet begun accepting Crypto payment on your platform, you will likely begin losing potential customers as a result. Not only will this increase your overall revenue, you will also find the payment fees to be much lower as well. If you think that accepting crypto payments is too difficult or not accepted in your region, think again. Take a look at the features offered by Pay Bear and begin accepting crypto payments today.

Simple Implementation

You will discover that getting set up to accept payment in crypto currency is much simpler than you ever dreamed of. You will have your own account up and running in only minutes. You can even customize how it works by using various documents and the API system built into the program. This application works seamlessly on your mobile devices, so you will always be connected to your account.

Speed and Protection Go Hand in Hand

With Pay Bear, you will get your money in seconds. Beyond that, there is a zero fraud protection guarantee. The confirmation process is quick and extensive, so you can be assured of receiving the money that is due you within seconds. Beyond that, you will not believe how cheap receiving your payments in crypto currency will become. Currently, you will just pay one cent per transaction. Yes, you read that right. While you might not accept many payments in this way at the present time, the day is coming when your customer base will increase accordingly. At that point, you will be saving quite a bit of money.

Take Care of Your Privacy

Both you and your customer are understandably concerned about the privacy of your personal information. With Pay Bear, that peace of mind is guaranteed. Because crypto currencies, by their very nature, are secure entities you can be assured that you and your customer are protected at every stage of the transaction. This is simply not the case with other traditional payment methods available on the market today.

Pay Bear is a revolutionary app that makes it easy to accept crypto currency. If you have a merchant account that does not currently accept this method of payment, you can get it implemented today. It is quick and easy.