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Drivers know how vital accessing a phone on the go can be. Between answering calls, viewing pressing notifications, and operating an effective GPS system, it’s essential to have a safe, legal, and efficient way to access a smartphone on the road. Th e ExoMount Touch CD is Exogear’s sleek and easy-to-use car mount. As the product’s moniker suggests, the device makes use of the CD slot in order to stay in place, which distinguishes the ExoMount from other options on the market. This innovation effectively brings the smartphone closer to the driver’s hands, so that they can touch the screen or move the device on its swivel as needed with ease. Since it rotates 360 degrees, one can place a device in a vertical,horizontal, or tilted position. Furthermore, this keeps the car’s windshield clear and free from obstructions (as one would see with a mount that is placed on the lower portion of a windshield).

One- touch technology allows users to mount and unmount their phones with one hand in a pinch. Importantly, the flexible design means that the ExoMount Touch CD can work with almost any smartphone, including iPhones, iPhone Plus models, the Samsung S8, the Samsung Note, and many more. It evens works with MP3 players and other standard-sized mobile and handheld devices. A rubber grip makes this easy and also prevents the device in use from slipping. In terms of specs, the minimum phone size should b 2.31″ wide (58.8 mm) and the largest a phone can be is 3.46″ wide. Flexibility is an advantage, and the Exomount’s compatibility with a variety of phones and handheld devices means that even if you switch your iPhone for a new, larger model, you won’t have to purchase a new mount and can simply keep on rolling.