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Socks are just socks, right? Will up until this point, yes. But Never Quit Socks are here to change that! NeverQuit socks use innovative design and cutting-edge technology to deliver superior comfort, uncompromising performance, and a large number of other benefits that you didn’t realize that socks are able to give you.

Much more than just normal socks

The unique socks feature ergonomic construction, anti-bacterial properties that prevent infections and bad smells, have protection on the back where painful blisters could form easily, are non-toxic and eco-friendly, are anti-static, and have no harsh or irritating chemicals. They do have an impact absorbing and extra cushioning footpad, a reinforced built-in arch support, and contain signature pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide to fight odors and kill pathogens.

The Neverquit socks are made with high-quality, ultra-fine, combed cotton, nylon, lycra spandex, and ultra-soft lyocell. They have advanced mesh ventilation panels to stop excess moisture buildup, an L-shape design, and a Y-stitched heel. They are unisex, and you can choose from the popular colors of Classic Black, Burgundy, Modern Grey, or Army Green.

How is it recommended that you wash these socks? You can use any standard wash with either warm or cold water. Wash them inside out and tumble dry at low heat to prevent shrinkage. Will they shrink? They are purposely made somewhat bigger to combat any possible shrinkage that could occur, meaning that they will also perform better after being washed a few times.

Love every step you take in your supportive and durable Neverquit socks. As the manufacturers like to say, they have a mission to simplify lives with gear that is thoughtfully designed. With the Neverquit Sock, they created a product that solves so many of the problems that are associated with socks and state that they have added a bit of magical dust to these exceptional socks for good measure! Additionally, they make a wonderful gift for someone who is celebrating a birthday, holiday, or other special occasions.