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The Astrohelm Watch is a new watch from Advisor Watch Company that celebrates the beauty and simplicity of vintage watch design. More specifically, the Astrohelm’s elegant, luxurious design is representative of the California dial watch designs that first debuted in the 1930s. A California dial watch is a watch that has half Arabic and half Roman numerals on its face.

What makes the Astrohelm so unique is that the watch gives off a patina that is reminiscent of aged radium. The watch also has an arched glass crystal dome that shows off the curvature of the watch’s front. The Astrohelm’s strap is constructed from 24 millimeter full-grain leather.

Astrohelm Styles Available from Advisor

There are currently three Astrohelm styles available from Advisor. The Astrohelm Rose has a case that resembles rose-colored copper. This watch has a black face and dark brown watch strap. The Astrohelm Black has a black case, black strap, and black face, making it a great option for people wanting an all-back watch for a formal outfit.

To round out the line, the Astrohelm Silver has a black face, chrome silver watch case, and brown strap.