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Cleaning ourselves after using the bathroom is a simple process that we often don’t give much though to. However, it’s worth noting that across the world, not everyone washes themselves the same way and there are superior methods out there. CLeaning with paper alone has been a staple in the US, but the people in many countries in Asia, Europe, and elsewhere use bidets, like the ones sold by Aim to Wash. They provide bidet seats, attachments, and seats. The device is esentially a plumbing fixture situated next to the toilet that can be pressed to deliver a spray of water at a person’s anal and genital regions after stool has been passed from the body. With its use, an individual would typically clean themselves up with toilet paper initially, and then use the bidet to spray water and provide a more thorough, lasting cleanse.

The benefits are immense. You will feel and be cleaner (simply try using one and notice the difference). In terms of the environmental impact, a bidet can cut down on the amount of toilet paper used in a single sitting. Aim to Wash offers several different options for consumers. The handheld bidet attachment comes in chrome or platinum. The installation process has been made easy, so you can start using it right after purchase and won’t be obligated to call a plumber for a complex procedure. Bidet seats with dual nozzles are another options: These have small attachments associated with a custom toilet seat that shoot out water towards one’s rear directly through an automated process.

With the accompanying remote control, you can choose to adjust the bidet’s settings for maximum comfort. Change the temperature to your ideal setting (whether that’s hot or cold), adjust the position of the water stream, pick the optimum amount of water pressure, heat your seat, and more. There are five air dryer options, which allow you to pick a temperature and clear up moisture after the cleanse. The “pulsating cleanse” allows the operator to pick a bidet spray where the pressure of the water fluctuates, thus effectively providing a smooth clean. The days of simply wiping oneself with dry toilet paper and remaining dirty and uncomfortable are long gone. With bidets by Aim to Wash, you can get the comfortable, customized cleaning experience you’ve been searching for.