It is amazing of how the thermo-regulation system in our bodies works. The system balances heat loss with heat production to maintain temperatures that bodily processes can proceed optimally. Another interesting aspect is the ability of the system to take into consideration the changes of temperatures in our environment.

An essential part of the system is the temperature sensors that detect the temperature and send the signals to the brain through the nerves. The brain then sends signals to the liver to carry out exothermic or endothermic reaction to either raise or lower the body temperatures respectively.

The watch can achieve the air conditioning function by altering the signal sent by the nervous system to the brain. The watch generates pulses that represent cold or hot. The signals enable our bodies to be aware of the change in temperatures and perform the needed processes.

The watch has a tiny device on its straps. It fits in an area where the nerves are closest to the skin. The location is critical as it enables it to change the temperatures more quickly. Also, it has easy to use controls which will allow you to control your body temperature.