Some say, music is an outburst of the soul. It connects your emotions, fills the emptiness and washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Good music never gets old. Counting from popular hits, blues, rock, hip hop to classical, you listened to variety of music at different stages of your life. For instance, nursery rhymes for kids, high energy pop music for teens, and country jazz for elderly. Nonetheless, music is what makes us human.

Strangely, even cows, give more milk when listening to music.

A very common sight of busy walking people in public transportation is that, they are wearing headsets or earphones, practically 1 in every 3-4 individual. The psychology behind this is not actually about the music, but to avoid conversation, look cooler, more privacy or a quick shot of relaxation.

Regardless of the reason, you need music.

Okay, let’s back to BoyGadgets’s language. Wired headsets or earphones is a hassle, as always, it tangled up and get in the way of almost anything you’re doing. Here is a simple yet handy bluetooth adapter for all the music addicts out there.

Airlink by Neorb Lab

Airlink is a wearable Bluetooth adapter for all your wired headsets or earbuds. It can be clipped on your sportswear and comes with a camera shutter button for quick access. Via the built-in microphone, it actively reduces the noise and echo for a much clearer voice. Airlink is small and portable with the weight of just 20g.

To work with most of the audio port, it uses a standard 3.5 mm jack that fit nearly to all your smart devices. Wireless music with speaker, smartphone or tablet!

Charging and Battery

Running down the street with your favourite hits for whole day long. One great feature on this device is the long battery usage. Airlink took about 30 min to fully charge up, and in return for an 8-hour of continuous heavy music playtime.

Bluetooth 4.2

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Airlink uses BLE 4.2 for better speed and more secure chatting experience. Turn the device on, and it will quickly sync to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Plus, you’ll look much cooler with tangle-free for most of your sport or casual activities.

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Control and Voice Assistant

Delivering premium DSP sounds, Airlink adapter comes with only 3 intuitive side buttons. Like others, the buttons allow to control up/down volume, play/stop, pause, skip, forward/backward, accept/decline calls, and voice assistant.

Simply hold the voice-assist button (middle) for about 2 seconds, you’ll wake the voice assistance service. Also, double tap the + button to skip your current music track, and vice versa.

Noise and Echo Cancellation

When someone’s giving you a phone call, the built-in microphone with noise cancellation system will soon be initiated for a better chatting experience.

Price and Freebies

The price of Airlink hasn’t been fixed yet. Neorblab will soon launch their first crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. Check the link below to their official website and get your hands on Airlink faster than others.

By signing up via your email address for Airlink’s newsletter, you will have a chance of winning one of 20 free Airlink.