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In the age of information, computer-programming skills have become the key to harnessing the hidden power of modern technology. That is why it has become more important than ever to begin teaching computer programming to children in their early formative years. Normally, children would first need to learn how to read and write, after which they could be taught the assortment of basic logic and computer skills needed to begin learning how to code. For a long time, these prerequisites have been the barriers blocking children from reaching and experimenting with the inner workings of computer systems. That is, until now.
The world-renowned educational company, Young Engineers, is proud to present, Algobrix! Algobrix is the first-ever educational toy that can teach children to program before they even know how to read or write. By combining the fun and ease of legos with AlgoBuddy, a state-of-the-art friendly robot, children can use their own logical intuition to program AlgoBuddy robot by combining lego-compatible parameter and function bricks into various logical sequences on the provided activity board. Now children can learn to think like a programmer using bricks instead of syntax.

Algobrix would probably make a great addition to these 6 physics toys.