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A UK-based company called Allevi8 recently brought their line of innovative bedding to Kickstarter. The company is calling their invention Recovery Bedding, and it is designed to help your body rejuvenate while you sleep.

Allevi8 has infused their Recovery Bedding with a nano-coated titanium mineral composition that takes the natural energy that your body emits while you sleep, and reflects it back in the form of FAR infrared rays. The FAR infrared rays increase your body’s natural energy stores throughout the night as you are sleeping.

Studies indicate that benefits of FAR infrared include increased blood flow, improved circulation, and quicker recovery time. People who have tried Allevi8’s Recovery Bedding tell us that their concentration has improved, and that they suffer from fewer aches and pains since they switched to this innovative linen.

Because the Recovery Bedding offers so many benefits to sleepers, Allevi8 believes that their product would be great for athletes, gym enthusiasts, individuals who are in a stressful work environment, or just anybody who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Allevi8’s product range currently includes a quilted mattress cover and a matching quilted pillowcase. The Recovery Bedding line is available in mattress sizes ranging from single to super king.