We’ve all heard of “wall-huggers”, the people who can’t find a convenient way to quickly charge their devices for everyday use, but what if that’s what users of the AMPL Backpack are saying about us because we still use a USB which plugs into a wall?

The AMPL backpack is a smart, easy way to recharge all your devices while on the go without ever having to let them out of your grasp, as well as a way to protect them from drops and drinks. With AMPL, you’ll never have to worry about running out of charge. The battery-powered backpack has an intelligent power management system and a SmartBattery which charges tablets, phones, and everything else you might need through 6 built-in USB outlets that are accessible in each pocket. There’s even an optional expansion battery and AC Inverter module for your laptop.

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The AMPL backpack is perfect for journey as it’s lightweight, with shock-absorbing structure and a water-resistant exterior, but what’s that without an app to display battery-levels and adjust charging priorities? AMPL has the app. The AMPL also has embedded smart sensors to monitor power flows, weather, and even let you know if you’ve forgotten your bag.