Imagine being able to go to one location on the Web or your mobile device to analyze and track all of your various cryptocurrency portfolios. That might sound to good be true, but it is exactly what Cryptagon brings to the table. This one platform makes it possible for you to seamlessly track more than two thousand cryptocurrencies and alt coins, including Bitcoin and ICOs. All you have to do is sign up for an account and you will begin receiving price alerts and much more, all for free.


With all of the various crypto currencies available on the market today, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. This is particularly true if you have multiple currencies in your portfolio. The core objective of Cryptagon is to bring clarity to your crypto portfolio by analyzing both the micro and macro performance of each individual holding. This is finally a way to supercharge your portfolio and really begin to make sense of it all. You will begin to gain a deeper understanding of realized versus unrealized gains, your overall rate of return, and your assigned risk profile.

No longer do you need to feel confined to your desktop for fear that you will miss a breaking news alert that will greatly impact your crypto portfolio. With Cryptagon, you will get real time alerts and notifications sent directly to your mobile device. This means that you will receive these updates no matter where you are. If you want manage how you receive these notifications, you can do so right from your own account on the price chart.

With Cryptagon, you will be able to make more sense of the charts and graphs that are generated for you. In essence, the goal here is to make better use of existing technology to allow you to examine data related to your crypto portfolio from multiple angles. You will be able to vividly see both your open orders and active alerts. Consequently, right from this one program you will be able to easily see when a trade was actually filled.

Cryptagon will revolutionize the way you analyze your portfolio. It is safe and secure, contains automatic imports, and provides the ability to customize sub-portfolios. This is likely to be a must have for the modern day crypto currency investor.