Don’t be discouraged, it’s often the last key in the bunch that opens.

The quote above fits nicely into any part of a romantic story. But in reality, you will be frustrating at your doorstep.

Key-and-lock is a technology so old that nearly hasn’t been changed in hundreds of years.

And today, you’ll still carry a big heavy and clunky keychain, where you have no idea how to fit into your jean pocket. As a total opposite to smartphone technology, key-and-lock is an old and obsolete way to secure your house.

The truth is, nobody likes to carry a big bulky keychain for your kitchen, room, car, window and doors, anywhere you go. Well, at least it’s safer, you said? Think twice, a rookie locksmith can open any of your house’s lock in seconds.

Talking about safety, there’s no best way to secure your assets other than constantly updating your house’s security system.

Just like cyber security, hackers getting smarter with better viruses everyday, and companies must keep up with that before something bad happened. In Boygadgets, we simply outsmart them by technology. If you would like your house safer and cooler, try this awesome smart lock, and you don’t need to carry a bulky stack of keys 24/7 anymore.

August Smart Lock – keyless home access


August Smart Lock is a futuristic home security system. With this, you don’t need to bring bulky keychain with you anymore. Simply sync your smartphone to the lock, it automatically lock when you go and unlock when you back, no key needed. Also, August Lock offers a smart keypad as an alternative way to get into your house. You will be notified if any visitors wait at your doorstep, and with the cam, you can see and talk to them.

The second generation of August Smart Lock allows control access with Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Nest, IFTTT, and more.

Remote Access

In cases where your friends, ex-housemate, neighbours and cousins need to get into your house, they simply buzz you up via phone call or the keypad, you can then unlock the door via smartphone, remotely. Also, you can create a custom virtual key for the upcoming party event, simply give the temporary unique code to all the invited friends, and viola. In this way, you can track those who comes and goes for security reason.

Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock

One of the most useful feature for those who always forget their keys. Before your clumsiness gets you into trouble, this smart lock will lock up your door automatically and you can double check it via smartphone. And right after you left the keys in the office again, August Lock doesn’t need key! But only the necessity that you’ll never forget — your smartphone.

No more key fumbling, just futuristic and cool.

If somehow you forgot to bring your phone, or the battery is dead, you can use either the August smart keypad (with unique code) or carrying an old fashion keychain as the plan B. This smart lock offers both smart and manual way (key) to open it, just in case.

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Activity log

Another great feature from August smart lock is the 24/7 activity tracking. With each time you or your kins open/close the door, you will know exactly through the history of activity log. This feature increases a sense of security, and you will learn about the time, data and person.

Smart home integration

In line with smart home design, August smart lock have added the function to compatible with other apps and gadgets. Including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit (Siri), Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Cam, Logitech Harmony One, Logitech Pop, IFTTT and more.

It means you will be able to control all the locks remotely via your smart devices, such as tablet or smartphone. Just right before you get into sleep, you can double check (via the app) to make sure all locks are locked. Otherwise, ask Siri or Alexa do it for you.

Installation in minutes

You must be thinking this system will take a lot of work to install, and may even change the design of the door. Well, the truth is the installation so easy that no any wiring needed. You simply replace the exterior of your existing standard deadbolts lock, and viola. As you can still use the key and lock part, everything stays the same, and it only takes about a few minutes.


It takes 4 AA batteries and will last for about 3 months in normal use. When the battery is about to die, you will be notified by the August app. Once again, even if the battery is dead, you can still use the normal key to open the door.