SecuPress Builds Confidence 

It is a wonderful time to live in a world that has so much potential. The World Wide Web has opened up a portal of knowledge and discovery. As with many things, there is always bad with the good. Websites are a target for hackers…


Textedly: Mass Marketing Made Easy 

Textedly is a text message marketing tool that allows business of all sizes to easily connect with their target audiences in a functional and efficient way. With the increasing necessity of mobile phones and text messaging, Textedly allows businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their audiences…


5 gadgets every pet owner needs 

Piqapoo – Dog Poop Collector Early on this year, people are making fusses about the topic of dog “poop trap” to “magically” clean up the dog’s poop after the dog. It is actually a magnetic strap that coils around the lower body and attach to a plastic…