A Magic Bullet for Hangovers 

Here at populapp we love classy gear, gadgets, apps and everything crypto. But every now and then we love to hit it hard for a good night of fun (and less fun, the following day). Hence, we were thrilled when we came across this new…


ili Translator Review 

Everyone loves to travel. With the new ili translator you can enjoy it, even more. Read on for all the details As you probably are one of the sufferers of the never-ending-exhaustion-urban-life disease or hate-boss-hate-everyone disease, a long good break is like a kiss from the heaven. Traveling…


The Innovative and Portable HipStar 

The HipStar, a cart that attaches to your hip, conveniently allows your hands to be free while also reducing stress on your back. This solves a long-time problem people have had with lugging around heavy backpacks or dragging large suitcases. The HipStar provides many needs…