In just a few short years, GPS navigation systems have effectively replaced paper maps as our primary navigation tool, revolutionizing travel in a way the world has not seen since the invention of the compass. Whether you are driving across the country or navigating an urban jungle on foot, there are special maps to help you get to where you want to go. Despite these advances in technology, GPS navigation systems for outdoor adventurers have not kept pace with their urban counterparts.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer and a techie, then you are probably already familiar with the BackCountry Navigator app system made by CritterMap Software LLC. For nearly 8 years, the original BackCountry Navigator app has guided 21st century explorers through forests, across mountains, and along rivers, using a unique combination of topological and geological mapping databases. As technology marches on for the urban explorer, so too must it progress for the outdoor explorer.

The BackCountry Navigator XE will incorporate more maps, charts, and overlays from a greater variety of sources while making the app usable without cellphone coverage or with intermittent coverage. When connected to the cloud, XE will automatically update and share mapping data with the entire BackCountry Navigator community.