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Measuring tapes have been around for centuries, but that does not mean that new technology can not improve on an old and faithful design. Bagel Labs, Inc. has an exciting new idea in production: the bagel measuring tape. It uses digital precision to measure anything in metric or imperial units and helps you keep track of the numbers and analyze results as well.

Physically, the Bagel measuring tape looks very similar to conventional models. It features a shock-absorbing jelly case that is easy to grip and has a wrist strap lanyard so you will not drop it. It comes in black or white.

The measurement capabilities are where the Bagel product shines. It includes a level that can be used in three directions. The tape itself can measure inches, centimeters, and every associated fraction of both. With a simple button press, the measurements are saved instantly. The voice recorder lets you describe each measurement as you make it. Best of all, the Bagel measuring tape connects to its Android or iOS app to keep everything organized for any projects.