Beard King Bib Review

There is a mess that is left after one shaves. Most people dread the mess that comes with shaving, though they enjoy the task. Beard bib comes in place to take care of the mess by holding the beard trimmings. Beard bib is a men’s grooming tool created by an entry company going by the name Beard King. I always had an issue with cleaning after shaving; the bib would have taken care of the mess if I had it, but that I didn’t. The good thing with the bib is that it fits all.

Things to Consider Before Buying Beard Trimmings Catcher

Most beard trimming catchers are one-size-fit for all. However, it is still advisable for your to try one out to ensure that it suits your needs. A catcher comes in handy for those who shave often and do not have the time to clean the trimmings. It holds the trimmings, which can then be emptied into a dustbin. If you do not shave at home, you do not need a bib; your trimmings will be left at the barbershop.

The bib is not only handy for men but also for women, who, in most cases, are the ones finalizing the cleaning after shaving.

When buying a bib, consider the material it is made of. Is the material washable? Is the material long lasting and easy on your skin? Does it hold the trimmings or some trimmings find their way through? Another thing to consider is the design of the bib. The Beard King bib is attached to the neck, like an apron, and then attached to the mirror for ease of use. The design should present convenience when the bib is in use.

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An Overview of Beard Bib

Previously, people used to device other methods to hold beard trimmings, until Beard King Showed up to offer a solution. The bib, which was designed by a couple that always had trouble cleaning after shaving, is an innovative piece of grooming tool that attaches to the user’s body and to the mirror.

The bib was covered by Shark Tank and was being presented as one of its kind. The product has since grown to be the leading in its category, with hundreds of thousands in sales. The bib keeps stray hair from spreading the bathroom when one is shaving. This keeps the hair out of the shower and the sink drains and eases the task of cleaning.

It is created with a strap that attaches to the neck of the user and another that attaches to the mirror. If you have a man in your life and you cannot take the cleaning anymore, this is the tool to buy. Again, if hair is always blocking sinks, this is the product to go for.


• Easy to wash
• Strong material lasts for long
• Easy straps attatching to the user and the mirror


• One-size fit for all does not fit everyone
• Nylon fabric adheres to the skin of the user
• Relatively more expensive compared to other options

Features and Benefits

Hand Loop Holders

In case you want to stop shaving before you are done, there are loops on the side of the bib that attaches to your neck, that you can attach to the mirror to hold the hair while you are gone. This ensures that hair does not spread in your bathroom when you remove the bib from your neck. This feature is easy to use and given the large size of the bib, hair will not scatter when hang on the mirror.

Mirror Attachments

When using, the bib attaches to the mirror to create a large net that catches the hair trimmings. Attachment to the mirror is done through loops on one side of the bib that is not attached to the neck. The bib is comfy and lightweight ensuring that the user does not get uncomfortable using it.

Travel Pouch

To ensure longevity and keep the bib safe when not in use, the bib comes with a travel pouch. The bib folds up easily and can be stowed away in the pouch. This pouch is also easy to wash and strong enough to last. You can also use this pouch when traveling.

One-Size-Fit for all

The bib comes in one size, which is great because you do not have the challenge of choosing the best size for you. Again, it creates a large net when in use ridding you of the need to look for other options.

Black and White Color Options

There are only two color options; black and white. Though there are no other colors, users will love the way these two colors have been created to ensure everyone’s taste is covered. These two colors contrast with your beard color and more so with the décor of your room. The black bib has a white strip while the white bib has a black strip making it look great. The logo of the company is written in contrasting color enhancing the look of the bib.

Straps for Easy Disposal

After you are done shaving, you will have an easy time disposing off the hair, as you can hold the straps on either side of the bib and direct the trimmings to the dust bin or wherever you want to dispose the hair. This is a feature that you do not get when using other options such as a piece of cloth.

Nylon Fabric

The good thing with this bib is that it is created with nylon. The nylon fabric has static charges and is able to hold the trimmings, keeping them on the bib. Again, the hair does not get attached on the threads of the fabric and is easy to dispose off.

Covers Shoulder and Back

The size of the bib allows it to cover the shoulders and a part of the back to ensure that hair does not get on the user’s body, shoulders and the back. This way, the bib prevents hair from getting to the floor and on the user’s body.

Social Proof on Beard King Bib

When looking at user reviews online, I found numerous positive reviews. The product, according to the reviews, got so popular after it featured on Shark Tank, a TV Show where billionaires fund innovative ideas. According to the reviews, Beard King bib is easy to use and is offered at a competitive price. Most of the reviewers were comparing the product to the earlier methods they used to take care of the mess that comes with shaving. Mostly, most would use a piece of clothing, which ended up having the beard spread all over the bathroom.

Reviewers also observe that the nylon material holds the hair but is still easy to dispose it. Though the nylon does not feel easy on the skin, it works awesomely to hold the hair. More benefits seen through the reviews are that the product attaches around the neck of the user and on the mirror.

I found out about the Beard Bib through Beard King’s Instagram and had to get it. I trim my beard every week, let me tell you… I wish I would’ve found this a lot sooner. It’s very simple to use and I love that the hairs slide right off of the Bib into the trash. Cleanup is now 10X easier and faster. Best part: no more face pubs all over my bathroom counter! Needless to say, my wife is a big fan of the Bib too. Thank you, BEARD KING, for this awesome creation!

Love this product. This is the REAL beard bib! Well designed and worth the money – I tried a cheaper option here on Amazon and returned it after the first use. The attention to the detailed design makes it more than just a cloth with suction cups. Buy it, you won’t regret it. Don’t waste your money and time on cheaper copies. The Beard King is the way to go! ps. their Instagram is fire :)=

Alternatives to Beard King Bib

Beard Smart

Beard Smart looks exactly like Beard King bib. The design is exactly the same with straps on one end and suction on the other end. The only difference that these two show is that Beard King bib has an easy strap mechanism on the neck that allows it to be snapped out easily. Beard Smart has a Velcro strap, which is also easy to use. With the Velcro strap, it is easy to adjust the neck fitting ensuring the bib fits all. Beard Smart is offered with a 90-day guarantee and those who are not satisfied can return it. The bib costs $15.

Premium Beard Hair Catcher

This is another budget bib that comes with a grooming eBook and a beard shaper comb. It is offered with a strap on strap at the neck and suction cups on the other side to attach to the bathroom mirror. It also has loop holders that can be used to hang the bib on the suction cups on the mirror when the bib is not in use.

It is designed wide enough to hold all hair even when one is shaving sideburns. It covers the shoulders ensuring that the user’s cloths do not catch hair.

Mr Rugged Beard Cape

This is a simple shaving cape that is offered with a Velcro neck strap and suction cups and non-stick nylon. The quality of the bib is high quality ensuring that it lasts long even with every day use. It is another bib that mirrors the Beard king bib. It is offered with a pouch and it easily folds for easy storage.


If you do not want to clean after shaving, and you do not want to clog your sinks, you will want to buy a shaving bib. When shaving, hair spreads in your bathroom, gets on your cloths and enters your sink. Use a bib to prevent all that.

The Beard King bib is created for ease of use and it is high quality. You can click below to check out the product.