The market for rank tracking services and web apps is saturated! This is good news for you, as with fierce competition comes beneficial prices. But price isn’t everything. All the different keyword ranking services, apps, and tool all tend to come with their own small variations. So which one is the right choice for you? 

Below is a range of different rank / SERP tracking services, apps and tools. I will continue to update this list and try to add all tools that can help you track your search engine rankings – good and bad ones, free and paid ones; you name it. If it can track your SERP, it will be listed here. If it isn’t, let me know and I will have it added to the list. Now with that being said, let’s get on with the show. Here goes.

Webbased Rank Trackers

Let’s start out with the web-based versions. With an online rank tracking tool, you can check your stats on the go, no matter where you are. The flipside to this is, that your data might not be 100% safe. Personally, I don’t think of this as a big issue but for some this can be a dealbreaker. Another benefit is that you don’t need to deal with proxies, like you have to with software tools; hence, web tools might be slightly more expensive than downloadable versions, but in order to make a fair comparison, you need to deduct the cost of having proxies as well (unless you just track a small number of keywords). 


  • Name: AccuRanker
  • Price: from $29.95 / month
  • Free trial: yes – 14 days
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 500
  • Update: On demand
  • Link: AccuRanker

AccuRanker is my preferred choice from all of the  web-based SERP tracking services I have tested throughout the years. The speed combined with the ability to update rankings anytime makes this tool stand out from the crowd.  It shows you what you need to know in a simple and very userfriendly interface.

Adding keyword is an absolute breeze; this can be done manually, or by connecting your google analytics and google search console accounts and let accuranker grab the data automatically. You will get search volume and the SERP for all the imported keywords after a minute or two – and you can updates as often as you please. 

AccuRanker only does rank / SERP tracking but it does it exceptionally well. Lots of other services offer a bunch of different features in one tool – AccuRanker Doesnt, and in my opinion, that’s a good thing. It isnt the cheapest option on the market. If you can live with that, it is, the best option. But you dont need to take my word for it; AccuRanker gives you a 14 days trial so you can give it a go without paying a single cent. So give it a go and try AccuRanker for two weeks. I am sure you will be more than satiesfied!

AccuRanker – In Their Own Words

At AccuRanker we take rank tracking seriously. We know that our clients are professionals that have clients to take care of. That is why we have designed AccuRanker to help you save time. Ranks are checked in real-time, reports can be automated and the interface is user friendly and easy to work with. It all means that you can convert time spent on tools to billable hours.


  • ​Name: SERP Book
  • Price: from $9.95 / month
  • Free trial: yes – 14 days
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 100
  • Update: Bi-hourly (+ limited on-demand)
  • Link: SERP Book
  • SERPBook

    SERP Book is another popular service that has been around for a long period of time as well. They also offer a free 14 day trial where you can track up to 10 keywords. 

    Personally, I don’t enjoy the view of SERP Book as much as say AccuRanker, but it still does a good job at presenting important information. Namely the dashboard shows you the important movements in SERP data (Keywords that moved up, top 3, top 10, etc.) 

    SERP Book has been in this game for a long time and that is easy to see if you go shopping for links over at say blackhatworld. A link vendor will typically hit you up with read-only access to a SERP Book page, tracking the SERPs for the keywords you have purchased links for (a handy way for SERP Book to get their name out there). 

    If you are looking for a solid cloud-based rank tracker alternative to AccuRanker, SERPBook is a good choice. This is specially true for the ones looking to track less than 300 keywords (as this is the minimum deal you can get with AccuRanker).

    SERP Book – In Their Own Words

    we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers, and providing them with the best service possible. We offer a rank tracking solution that fits all needs. Automatic white label reports are available for agencies who want to an easy solution in providing their clients with up to date reports.

    SERP Fox

  • ​Name: SERP Fox
  • Price: from $10 / month
  • Free trial: free account (up to 10 keywords)
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 500
  • Update: Daily
  • Link: SERP Fox

    SERP Fox was the first SERP Tracking service ever, I signed up for. This was years ago, and they are still in business. I remember seeing somewhere that this was developed by Glen from ViperChill, but I am not too sure if this is actually true. 

    Anyhow, SERP Fox is a simple rank tracking service that does just that and nothing else. Unfortunately there is no free trial. However, you can get started for just $10. SERP Fox is a simple and intuative service when it comes to tracking your SERP.  I was plased back in the days when I was using it, and I am sure it still does a fine job this day today. There has been a couple of design changes, but I think that is it. Give it a go.

    SERPFox – In Their Own Words

    Serpfox is designed to be simple and cost effective rank tracker that does not over complicate things with too much information. We provide the ranks for Google, Yahoo and Bing, notifications for rank changes, on demand and scheduled reporting, and white label and client management functionality.

    A big advantage we have is that we are very well established, as you note we were one of the first rank trackers and as such our code is very stable and our infrastructure well developed. Our support is also excellent.

    As you note we don’t have a free trial, but we have a free account that many people take advantage of. It is limited to 10 keywords.

    We don’t offer coupons unfortunately. We like to keep the pricing the same for everyone.


    P.S Serpfox is not developed by Glenn from ViperChill, he was just an early client who I think enjoyed the service and recommended us to other people. He is not affiliate with us though.

    Pro Rank Tracker

  • ​Name: Pro Rank Tracker
  • Price: from $19 / month
  • Free trial: free account (up to 20 keywords)
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 100
  • Update: Daily (+ 1 on-demand update)
  • Link: Pro Rank Tracker
  • Pro Rank Tracker is yet another web rank tracking service. In addition to more advanced reports than what we typically get from similar services, they also offer a free account that allows you to track 20 keywords- free of charge. 

    In addition to all the standard features, they also offer limited on-demand update, a keyword dscovery tool and a keyword suggestions tool. Personally, I think the interface is cluttered and in need of a modern design upgrade. Besides from, it sure is a solid alternative to all the many serp tracking services out there; oh, and you can use it, for free.

    Pro Rank Tracker – In Their Own Words

    PRT is the most comprehensive tank tracking & reporting solution!

    If you’re serious about your business and want to impress your clients with the best customer experience,

    PRT is your first choice for rank tracking and reporting.

    With over 4 years of rank tracking with constant improvements, trusted by over 40,000 companies worldwide,

    Pro Rank Tracker has become the authority in rank tracking and an industry standard.

    It includes many features such as:

    – Tracking on a large number of search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube (track your video positions), Amazon (track your listing) and others.

    – Local rank tracking abilities – Track terms in any language, and from any country or city in the world.

    Track Google organic position narrowed down to city level. Track snack pack and full top 100 maps listing.

    – Track Google mobile results.

    – Many reporting options like the mobile app, shared reports, email reports and more.

    – Two mobile apps – both management app for you and a white label reporting app for your clients.

    and much much more…


  • ​Name: SERPs
  • Price: from $197 / month
  • Free trial: yes – 30 days
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 250
  • Update: Daily
  • Link: SERPs
  • SERPs is a web based SERP tracking service very similar to all the above mentioned ones, but this is for the big boys! The cheapest option is listed at $197 / month which allows you to track up to 2,000 keywords!  

    From the looks on the salespage, the interface looks very similar to that of SERP Book. In addition to the basic featuers, you also get access to a keyword research database, historical rankings (not sure if if this applies to all keywords?), and a backlink tracking section (powered by MOZ), and a couple of other features. 


  • ​Name: SERP Woo
  • Price: from $24.95 / month
  • Free trial: Free account (3 keywords (I think))
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 50
  • Update: Daily
  • Link: SERP Woo
  • SERP Woo definately stands out from the crowd; both in terms of features and color use. If you don’t mind the slot machine look, and confusing salespage, this is actually a very interesting contender in the rank tracking space. 

    SERP Woo not only tracks the SERP of a given keyword. It also tracks and shows all (top 20) competing sites, raking for the same keyword. For each site that ranks for the keyword in question, you can see a wide range of different elements, likely to affect the SERP (trust flow, citation flow, inbound links, social shares, etc.) on a day by day basis, for easy comparisons.

    I love the idea, but I am less fond of the execution with SERP Woo. Jacob King and Glen Allsopp have endorsed it and I can see why. If you really want to dig into the details, this tool is brilliant. Lot’s of data to play with. It just looks like a circus. 

    SEO Monitor

  • ​Name: SEO Monitor
  • Price: from $24. / month
  • Free trial: yes – 14 days
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 100
  • Update: Bi-hourly (+ limited on-demand)
  • Link: SEOMonitor
  • SEO Monitor is a new and very interesting contender in the SERP checking space. SEO Monitor definately set itself apart from all the other providers, in terms of more and unique features. This tool deserves it own full-blown review. All the details simply cannot be listed in a few lines here. 

    Personally I think this is a really intersting alternative and a fresh breath of air in a space crowded with so many services all doing the same thing; SEO Monitor is different; but don’t just take my word for it. You can get a free 14 day trial, so why not give it a go?

    SERP Stat

  • ​Name: SERP Stat
  • Price:  from free and up (free account up to 10 keywords)
  • Free trial: no (but you can get a free account, soo…)
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 100
  • Update: Daily (+ limited on-demand)
  • Link: SERP Stat
  • SERP Stat is another new tool, and just like SEO Monitor, it does a whole lot more than just rank tracking. SERP Stat has a nice and clean design and offer lots of features. The initial impression is good. 

    I have signed up for a free account and played around with it, a bit. Personally, I think it is a bit difficult to get a clear overview, and the whole experience is a bit clunky. But I am sure that if I take my time to learn how everything works, it will be a brilliant all in one tool. This is definately one to give a go, or keep in your bookmarks.

    SE Ranking

  • ​Name: SE Ranking
  • Price: from $7 / month
  • Free trial: yes – 14 days
  • Platform: web-based
  • Search Depth: 100 or 200 by choice
  • Update: Daily, every 3 days or weekly
  • Link: SE Ranking
  • SE Ranking is also one of the newer SERP Tracking services. In addition to rank tracking, they also allow you perform SEO audits and monitor backlinks. It is a bit difficult to say if the focus here is on backlinks or rank tracking, but based on the name of the serivce I assume it’s the latter. 

    SE Ranking seems like a nice alternative, specially from a price perspective, if you are willing to sign up for an annual deal, and don’t need to track more than 50 keywords. You can test it free of charge, for 14 days, to see if this tool fits your needs.