Everyone knows that the best way to get your hair and beard the way you want is a trip to the barber. With so many specialized tools and years of know-how under their belt, there's no better place to go when you need some work done.

But what if you're not in the position to take a trip out there? Is there any way to get those same barbershop-quality cuts while in front of your own bathroom sink? Normally, that answer would be no, but things have changed in the world of personal grooming.

With the Bevel beard and hair trimmer, maintenance on your do is a breeze. Not just your ordinary electric clippers, the Bevel trimmer is designed specifically to make trimming easy, with a detachable blade you can adjust in seconds with the simple thumb-operated Bevel Dial. Changing how the cutting blade is aligned with the guiding blade can give you a shorter or longer cut without needing to fuss with any special adjustment tools or attachable parts.

Ergonomically designed to both look good and feel good while it's in your hand, the non-slip grip makes for an easier shave no matter what kind of hair you've got. Its four-hour battery life is matched only by how remarkably cool it runs, ensuring that you can take your time and make sure every detail is how you like it without worry.

Finally, cleanup is always easy thanks to the dirt- and oil-repellent materials used in the trimmer's construction. All you'll need to keep everything hygienic is a simple rub down with a washcloth if things get too dirty. You won't even need to take anything apart, as the unique blade design on the Bevel Trimmer makes it extremely difficult for hair and debris to build up between the blades. All in all, it's one of the most low maintenance tools you can get your hands on.

In the end, the results always speak for themselves. If you haven't yet gotten to try the Bevel Trimmer on your head or face, fix that as soon as possible. Unless you're extra fond of rushing out to the barber every time you need a quick touch up or butchering your looks with inferior razors, the Bevel Trimmer is the only shaver you should mess with. Try for yourself and see why.

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