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Bitcoin Watch
If you’re looking for a timepiece that stands out among the rest, you’ve found the right page. Introducing the Bitcoin Watch, a precisely engineered Swiss watch featuring a deliberately detailed Bitcoin insignia underneath its sapphire glass surface. If you are a Crypto Currency geek, this is for you!

These limited edition Bitcoin Watches are available in five different varieties: Gold Series, Gold Series V2, Blue Series, Black Series, and the Ethereum model which is silver on silver, sporting the Ethereum insignia. All watches come latched with a suave, black leather wristband.

Timepieces are always an exciting purchase, but these ones in particular offer some extra choices. Instead of being forced into buying an automatic or quartz watch, Bitcoin Watch gives you the option to purchase any of their watches with either mechanism. The only catch is that the automatics are limited to 250 per model, and the quartz movement watches are limited to 500 so grab them fast.

One final characteristic is the birthplace of these watches. Swiss watches are built pridefully. Switzerland has a long and fruitful history as the world’s most prestigious watchmaking country. With the purchase of any Bitcoin Watch, you can rest assured knowing that the craftsmanship and detail in every watch will go a long way. In fact, the manufacturer includes a lifetime guarantee on all models. That speaks for itself.