To maintain your healthy lifestyle, keep fit and strength building, working out in gym is the best option to most of the people. With the proper equipment in the gym, you will also need to strictly follow your diet plan and exercise routine to get the most out of it, head to toe. Some people may find it hard to do it alone, so they hired professional body trainer to give them advises on training, eating, as well as workout routines.

If you ever hit to gym, you will know that the regular training procedure is boring and hard to track every single movement of you. Some mobile app helps people to track the exercise after every section. For example, press the button once (phone’s app) after every 4 set of dumbbell shoulder press reps. The truth is, nobody likes to press their phone every single time and it’s a hassle.

BlazePod Review

BlazePod is an additive Flash-Reflex exercise system in a quick button modules for your daily workout routine. Measure accurately down to milliseconds, it seamlessly integrates to your exercise plan and add more fun to the process. Via the app, trainees will be able to track and record their speed, time and distance for reference of improvement.

For years, Flash-Reflex exercise system is uses for pro-athlete only with high prices. With BlazePod, anyone can enjoy the benefits of pro-training anywhere, anytime.


BlazePod app features over hundreds of exercises including the exercises you already doing now. Also, the app integrates with Google Fit and Apple Health Kit so that you can learn more about yourself. Built with bright RGB LEDs and high performance accelerometer, BlazePod instantly react and measure your training progress and put it in a user-friendly graph presentation. Upon purchase, you will get BlazePod straps and suction cups. It allows you to attach on any equipment or point spots that favoured your workout routine.

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BlazePod is made durable, assuming you will have the wildest smashes on the button, it is weather proof, smash proof and is made for long lasting uses. For aerobic or cardio training, BlazePod allows to place the pods on a number of spots within a distance of 170 ft (~50m) away so that you can touch-and-go with ease. It connects to your smart devices with low-energy Bluetooth, and will give you timely notifications, instructions and advises when needed.

For battery, BlazePod uses 250 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery that lasts for 12 hours of continuous uses. It takes about 45 mins to charge via a USB powered charging dock, you can stack up to 6 pods on the dock for simultaneous charging.

Price and Buy

BlazePod is now on Kickstarter, and you can learn more via the link below to their campaign. Starting from $99, you can enjoy up to 55% of discount off retail and other benefits such as lifetime listing on FRX directory and Flash Reflex BlazePod certification for $10 instead of $89 (with trainer kit).