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Bluejay, the first and smartest smart mount

Bluejay is the first smart mount in the world, and it connects your car to your phone with such ease as well as an unmatched durability for those uneven roads. Bluejay was created to be the first and last phone mount you’ll need; it is equipped with Bluetooth Smart beacon technology in addition to being able to hold your phone at any angle and any orientation you want.

Bluejay is designed to use Bluetooth Smart and GPS functions so you’ll always find your car no matter what, even in low-reception areas. The smart mount will also give you a reminder for your next meeting and then map a route to take so you’ll never have to worry about being late. Bluejay has an app installed and ready for cars that have hands-free mode so those important calls can be made and text messages sent all with just the use of your voice.

Bluejay also keeps an eye on your car’s maintenance so you get alerts when you’re low on fuel, need an oil change, or have poor tire pressure. In the event of your car breaking down, Bluejay makes it easy to find a repair shop or call for help.