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Tough, compact and made to last, the Bolt Action EDC Pen is locked, loaded and ready for action. Just flick the handle with your thumb and you’re ready to go. With a torpedo-inspired design, this sleek all black polymer pen contains zero screws, rivets, O-rings, click-end caps or ratchet mechanisms. It’s over built encasing includes 3mm thick walls, providing unbeatable crush strength and a thoroughly shockproof body with a sandblasted finish. This bold pen is also ergonomically optimized and ultra compact at only 4.3 in.

Handle it with gloves quickly and easily thanks to the anti-slip grip and ridged top nut with flat thumb rest. Zero metal content means you’ll never have to say goodbye to this formidable pen when you go through airport security. The anti-roll body also means you can set it down almost anywhere and never worry about it rolling away. You can also keep it handy with the integrated pocket clip. Guaranteed for life, this Ketalin Supergroup equipped pen is also waterproof.

Turn it six times to open/close it and use the ridged grip aid to quickly refill it. The Bolt Action takes the widely available G2/Parker-style refill, which is used by 90 percent of ballpoint pens, so you won’t have to hunt for the right ink.