Knives are serious business. When choosing a weapon for hunting, self-defense, collection, or any other reason, you need to consider things from many different angles to find exactly what’s going to serve you best based on your needs. For a good combination of reliability, effectiveness, and design, look no further than the Buck n Bear Push Blade Knife.

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The Buck n Bear Push Blade Knife is a push knife by design, meaning it’s made to fit comfortably between your knuckles to allow you to jab with it as if throwing a punch. This is especially helpful for those with little to no training, as you can both keep a secure hold on your weapon while using it for self defense, hunting, or survival in a way that feels natural and is easy to do.

The super sharp 3 and a half inch blade is made from 256 layers of folded Damascus stainless steel, making it just as beautiful as it is effective. This is complemented by the comfortable and stylish walnut wood grip. Both comfortable to hold and attractive to the eye, this knife will be a great display piece or something to carry with you.

When not in use, your can store your knife in a fitted black leather sheath, coming standard with every Buck n Bear Push Blade Knife you buy. This, in conjunction with its small size and unassuming design, makes it easily concealable with virtually any outfit, not to mention the lack of space it takes up allows you to display it just about anywhere with the rest of your collection.

Whether you need it for protection, a hunting trip, or just to display as part of a collection, this is one knife that’s sure to serve you well. The natural beauty of the Damascus steel and walnut handle are complimented only by the sharpness of the blade and how good it feels to hold in your hand. With all this in mind, it’s hard to beat the Buck n Bear Push Blade Knife. Give it a look the next time you feel like buying a new knife.