We’ve all been frustrated by tangled cords. While some resign themselves to a life of messiness and inconvenience, others innovate.

Introducing the Budsband 2.0, the best cord organizer on the market. The Budsband 2.0 is constructed of an extra strong and extra flexible form of food-grade silicon, available in blue, lime, white, and black. Easy to use, it can be slipped onto any kind of commercial USB plug or headphone jack, staying in place and ready for use.

What sets the Budsband 2.0 apart from other cord organizers is how the Budsband stays on your cord until you need it. There’s no taking it off and forgetting where it’s gone here. You simply slip one end onto the larger end of the device, coil it up, and slide the smaller end through the opposite hole, making a secure connection that keeps your cords organized and in place.

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