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Butterfly Key is the all-new, revolutionary way to carry, or wield, your keys. Butterfly Keys are key blanks inspired by and designed to resemble a Balisong Butterfly Knife. It’s more than just a key, rather it changes boring keys into an awesome tool, fidget toy, and adds an element of mystery, stealth, and trickery. You can perform flip tricks to impress your friends or just pass the time.

They can be cut into house keys, car keys, motorcycle keys, and more. Available in several anodized colors and crafted from a solid block of aircraft grade Billet 6061T6 aluminum, the Butterfly Key is lightweight, strong, scratch resistant, and will not rust.

The Butterfly Key is approximately 70 mm long when closed and 125 mm long when open. The handles are 13 mm in diameter, making it small enough to fit in your pocket or attach to any keyring. A leather sheath is also available to store the key when not in use and ensure minimal dirt and debris come in contact with it.

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