Just imagine living in a world where people could just push a button when they wanted their favorite beverage. The time has come with the invention of Capsulier. It is a revolutionary cuisine maker that is taking the market to a whole new level.


The Capsulier unit grinds coffee beans and deposits them into reusable capsules. The ability to mix and match formulas is a true delight. The system is designed for people who want to make their own capsules.

Fast and Easy

People are busy and they need things to work efficiently. Capsulier saw a need for a fast reusable machine that could grind and package the coffee beans into a handy capsule called CAPSI. The one step process allows users to choose their own blend and enjoy the newly ground freshness in less than a minute.

Stainless Steel

Capsulier wanted customers to have a capsule that was durable. They designed one that would be easy to clean and made from stainless steel. The reusable factor is good for the environment and offers money saving advantages. Less waste with financial rewards is a wining proposition.

Taste Matters

Beverage capsules from a store lose their flavor over time. They may sit on the shelf for months. By the time they are bought and taken home, much of the taste has passed. The Capsulier designer team knew how important freshness was and developed their capsule making machine based on that premise.


Tea drinkers are excited to be part of the Capsulier plan. Many people love to mix and match their favorite teas. Capsulier allows them the creativity that they have needed for complete satisfaction.

Neat and Tidy

The CAPSI is filled in the Capsulier. The container area keeps the surrounding areas clean and tidy. It virtually eliminates the mess that is associated with common grinders.


The Capsulier Revo uses smart technology. The voice controlled option allows people to control their machine from another room using an Amazon Alexa device. The Capsulier app is a convenient way to share recipes and control the machine. Life couldn’t be much better or easier.


The modern sleek design looks good anywhere. It can be used in any room of a house, office, or apartment. It has a durable exterior that can be wiped down if needed. Capsulier is going to change the way people drink coffee one capsule at a time.

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