Delta – The Crypto Tracker 

Delta allows users to keep track of different cryptocurrencies like never before. Featuring a massive library of different cryptocurrencies, Delta allows for users to keep track of the different prices of currencies all in one place. In addition, users are given the ability to keep…


Signals – Smart Crypto trading 

Signals is a new program which allows for smarter and more intelligent trading of cryptocurrencies through machine learning and programs. Using Signals does not require any prior knowledge of a programming language while still allowing users are develop and submit strategies to automatically trade currencies….


in mossland, AR rules 

The MOSS Coin (MOC) ICO will fund development of the Mossland platform. Mossland is an Augmented Reality gaming platform supported by Ethereum and blockchain technology. The ICO Whitepaper offers complete details, the GPS gaming environments challenge users to acquire and utilize iconic real estate and…