5 gadgets every pet owner needs 

Piqapoo – Dog Poop Collector Early on this year, people are making fusses about the topic of dog “poop trap” to “magically” clean up the dog’s poop after the dog. It is actually a magnetic strap that coils around the lower body and attach to a plastic…


Keep it Clean with Smartclear Vision.5 

Cleaning eyeglasses just got a whole lot easier with Smartclear Vision.5. Even better is the fact that it works for many objects that are often neglected because they are difficult to clean. People tend to overlook the need to thoroughly clean certain items. Innovative Technology…


World’s Smallest Spy Hidden Camera 

“Small But Mighty” could be the slogan for this portable lightweight mini spy hidden video recorder. It is ideal as a business or home security camera or a nanny/housekeeper/employee/pet cam because it can record snapshot pictures and take clear and high-definition videos without attracting attention….