The Innovative and Portable HipStar 

The HipStar, a cart that attaches to your hip, conveniently allows your hands to be free while also reducing stress on your back. This solves a long-time problem people have had with lugging around heavy backpacks or dragging large suitcases. The HipStar provides many needs…

Lumo Play

Illuminate Minds and Space with Lumo Play 

Catch up with the times by thinking beyond the screen. Lumo Play is a one-step-ahead-of-the-times toy for this generation of children. An interactive projector links to motion reactive games that draw fun out of the floor. Rooms become the game. Or maybe it’s the game…

Bevel Trimmer

Bevel Trimmer Simplifies Style 

Everyone knows that the best way to get your hair and beard the way you want is a trip to the barber. With so many specialized tools and years of know-how under their belt, there’s no better place to go when you need some work…