rank tracking with SERP Watcher
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Rank Tracking with SERP Watcher 

I recently covered a new SEO tool named SERP Stash. If that tool did’nt perfect your seo needs, you may want to take a clooser look at this new rank tracking tool from the team behind KW Finder – SERP Watcher. SERP Watcher is a…

web – up your bookmarks 

Stash is a new bookmarking app and it looks awesome. Bookmarking has been around since the inception of the internet and yet an area with very little to no innovation. Stash is about to change that in a manner similar to how mailbox tried to…


Goodbye, annoying ads. Hello, Inwemo 

In most of the history of the internet, there is only two ways to monetize your website content: putting it behind a paywall and ads. Adblocking software is being adopted at an unprecedented rate because users are sick and tired of having their attention being…