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The Grand PooBox is really the cat’s meow in kitty litter boxes. The box is fully functional and a great way to keep the litter mess inside the box and not out. Cat owners know that cleaning the litter box daily can be a headache. The Grand PooBox aims to change all of that.

The Grand PooBox will take your furry friend’s private time to the next level. The modern design is complete with an internal grated ramp that will reduce the amount of litter strewn on the outside of the box. It uses 50% less litter, which equates to 50% less mess. The box provides room for your cat to move around and do its “business”. As your cat walks up the ramp and out, litter stuck between each furry toe will fall to the bottom of the box and out he goes! Less Litter. Less Mess.


The highly-functional Grand PooBox not only strives to maintain a tidy litter box, one of the best features is that no one would actually know it’s a litter box unless otherwise told. The boxes come in 4 colors: white, tangerine orange, cobalt blue and charcoal gray.

Rex, the Grand PooBah behind the Grand PooBox, says while he loves boxes of all kinds – shoe boxes, gift boxes and cardboard boxes – he put his thinking FEZ on to create a litter box that’s both stylish and functional at it’s core. And then he saw – A bird!

The Grand PooBox was recently featured on the August 20, 2017 episode of Steve Harvey’s “Funderdome” on ABC Television Network. You can pre-order your Grand PooBox for a 20% discount now through late December 2017 (US). We expect to be shipping to US customers early January 2018. International customers – Please check back mid to late 2018 as we set up distribution channels in Europe, Asia and Australia.