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Hoverboards have sold in the millions over previous years as one of the most popular gadgets to date. However, the engineers at Chic felt knew the modern hoverboard could use some improvements. The company felt that the previous hoverboard models were fun but lacked some crucial qualities. After months of brainstorming and test-running, the Chic Pi 2.0 was created.

The Chic Pi 2.0 is the revolutionized hoverboard that is more precise, more fun and absolutely safe. The engineers and designers at Chic designed the Pi 2.0 to be aesthetic and functional. This hoverboard has a sleek and contemporary look while remaining sturdy and safe. The shape of the board also makes it aerodynamic and sturdy. This results in less damage from use and a longer distance that can be reached. The Pi 2.0 hoverboard was named for the circular and sturdy shape.

Chic Pi 2.0 is more than just a beautiful hoverboard

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the Chic Pi 2.0 also has some impressive capabilities. It can reach a top speed of 7 mph while remaining stable and wobble-free. Ensuring this hoverboard can take users anywhere, Chic built the Pi to handle up to a 15% grade. Traveling up and down different slopes and grades is no problem for this board. In order to make the board more dynamic in crowded spaces, Chic also designed it with a turning radius of 0 feet. With over 15 miles of range off a single charge, the Chic Pi 2.0 can be taken to work, to lunch or just for a stroll in the park.

The foot rests are slip resistant to decrease the chances of falling and increase the control of the board. To provide for extra customization, the Pi’s foot rests can be changed to any color. Some other incredible features include the best AI pressure sensors on the market, allowing the Pi to be used in all types of terrain. Unlike previous hoverboard models, the Pi has even been designed to be waterproof. This ensures that a little rain or water won’t put the board in jeopardy of breaking down.

The most important aspect of the Pi 2.0 hoverboard is the safety. The Chic team has designed the board with a unibody aluminum frame offering more stability and greater control. The battery is safely housed within the frame and is wire-free to help prevent any catching. With front and rear LED lights, the Pi hoverboard can be seen in all types of weather. Also, these lights can be customized with the Chic-Pi app.