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No matter where you planned to go, beach or jungle, you will need somewhere to get your exhausted feet off from the ground and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

So you must be looking for cool gears for your next outdoor trips? You can’t skip an ultra comfy air couch, sofa, hammock or lounger that can be inflated in seconds. It’s like a resting station so that you can finally close your eyes and let the gentle breeze hit onto your face.

There are a number of different brands of inflatable air loungers in the market, starting from highest quality expensive air couch to cheap alternative poorly-made outdoor cushion sofa, and of course, each of them has their pros and cons that sellers won’t tell. Some of them require air pump which is a big hassle for outdoor activities, but mostly are self inflating. Depends on the weight support, some are designed for a group of people, while the others are perfect for solo relaxation.

Chillbo Baggins

This is Chillbo Baggins. First off, my wife doesn’t think its going to be easy to inflate, but i think otherwise. In the following video demonstration, you will learn how easy to get the air couch set up and run. Unlike the rest of other inflatable air loungers, Chillbo Baggins is, so far, one of the my best favour than others. Their well thought design and good quality definitely beat the rest of the competitors.


Made with Ripstop Nylon tough fabric with its weight of just 3.2 lb (1.4 kg), Chillbo Baggins can support up to 400lb (181 kg). It requires no air pump to get them working, all you need to do is to wave around to scoop up some air in the open mouth located on one end (two compartments), fold to clip it and boom, your lay bag is done.

As a beginner tip, walk into the wind for easier inflating. Practice for better result. Most people take not more than 5 scoops once you’ve got the hang of it.

When it comes to price, comfort and versatility, Chillbo Baggins is my first choice to recommend to my friends and family. It has a number of cool design and is made for all sort of terrains, including water. Although its made with tough material to resist tearing and stretching, just to be sure to check the area before you sit on it.

Remarkably, it has elastic anchor loops to stake down with a peg and preventing the bag get blown away in windy beach. Also, it has large side pockets for drinks, magazine, and snacks. The bag should maintain its inflated state and last up to 4-5 hours.

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Shipment & Return

Chillbo Baggins is a US-based company that offers a fast shipment and product satisfaction. It has a lot of great reviews and reputations going on the web. Usually, it takes only 2 days to ship to your doorfront. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can ask for a replacement or full 100% money back with no questions asked.

Others brands like Woohoo and KAISR are my second recommendations, I have put up links at the end of this article so that you can have a look and compare on all 3 inflatable lounge bags.