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Feel like a part of the action with these incredibly immersive, all-in-one VR goggles. Whether you enjoy streaming shows, watching your favorite films or playing video games, the Cinera’s display is crystal clear, and four times the sharper image of other VR headsets on the market.

They’re powered by a simple HDMI cable, making it easy to plug into every day home devices and slip right into an exciting escape – all hands free! It’s convenient, comfortable, and powered by Android so you know it’s reliable and sleek.

The detail is stunning; these goggles offer dual 2.5k displays with a whopping 8x that of the iPhone 7’s screen resolution and 3x the cinema screen’s all with the illusion of 3D with absolutely no lack of quality.

Feeling stuck in one place? Cinera VR goggles include a pump that’s got buttery smooth rotation, so you can watch it standing, sitting, or even while laying down.