Every single blogger in the IM space, have their own list of favorite tools and services which they recommend – on many of them, you would find the tools from Sujan Patel @ contentmarketer.io – namely Marketer, Notifier and Connector. These are all popular tools, and bloggers have been mentioning them, over and over again. But according to Sujan, all these tools weren’t equally popular – Connector was the most popular one, while the other ones, Notifier and Marketer, didnt gain as much traction. Because of this, Sujan and his team has decided to discontinue Contentmarketer.io (notifier and marketer) and rebrand connector into mailshake.

Hey everyone

I’ve got some bad news to share with you.

ContentMarketer.io is shutting down on Dec 15th. It’s not all bad news though as we’re re-focusing our efforts on our email outreach tool, Connector, and we’re rebranding the next version as Mailshake. The new name better fits our target audience of sales & marketers.

In early 2015, Colin and I set out to make a tool to empower content marketers, with our Marketer product but what we ended up doing is creating a suite of tools for influencer marketing (Marketer), social media promotion (Notifier), and email outreach (Connector) and ultimately what people loved was our email outreach tool which grew to over 4200 customers in under 6 months. Unfortunately, the other products failed to grow at a sustainable rate so we decided to go all in on email outreach.

I know we’re not the first to create an email outreach tool (pssst…more like the 50th) but our goal is still the same, empower our customers with simple yet powerful tools.

Thank you for your support for the last 2 years and I invite you to check out Mailshake.

Sujan Patel

I have played around with the above mentioned tools a bit, but never for any longer period of time. If you have heavy into outreach, the new mailshake might be worth a try. See the video above and judge for yourself.