As convenient as an iPhone can be, there’s one area it indisputably lacks in – being able to sit up on its own. Whether you’re trying to watch videos or just feel tired of having to hold your phone up to eye level all the time, this simple failure of design can be a real headache. Propping your phone up on random objects might work for a time, but there’s got to be a more elegant and efficient solution out there somewhere.

Lucky for you, there is. The iPhone’s own flexible holder stand, the COIL-H, is here to solve all your troubles. With the COIL-H, you never have to worry about supporting your phone again, as the super flexible 36 inch vinyl-wrapped coil gooseneck and adjustable holder assembly can be moved around to the perfect angle.

The holder assembly’s ergonomic design allows you to adjust each of the four prongs independently, moving from a minimum distance of 2.3 inches apart to 3.5 inches, ensuring all but the most massive smartphones can fit securely inside it. Plus, thanks to the gooseneck’s flexible design, it can be turned in all directions at any time, instantly switching between landscape and portrait views to fit your needs.

Beautiful, practical and flexible

In addition to the COIL-H, each stand comes with a 5/64″ wrench and 3/32″ wrench, meaning you won’t need to go out and buy any specialized equipment to begin adjusting it to your liking. You’ll even get a 1-year warranty with every purchase in case there’s any problems.

If you’re tired of fiddling with your iPhone, trying in vain to make it sit up at the right angle and propping it on top of random objects before it inevitably falls over, then the COIL-H might just be the thing for you. With its robust and ingeniously simple design, you’ll never have to worry about holding onto your phone again.