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OBD Diagnostic System is a free application that provides a bevy of diagnostic details for the user’s car. In order to use the application, one must have the OBDeleven device. The basic application allows one to obtain information about battery status, gauges, engine codes, DIY manuals, read diagnostic codes from control units in the vehicle (eg. Airbag, Transmission, Engine, etc.), and more.

It works with Android phones and tablets and provides a range of useful functions on the go. One easy to way to think about the features is to categorize them under two labels, which include built-in apps and programmable functions. The programmable functions require coding and provide incredible flexibility for the adept user. However, even if you aren’t a coding whiz, there are a wide variety of tools that anyone can employ. The Apps (also known as One Click Functions) are simple to use. One can activate helpful visual features, like needle sweep and Optical Parking System.

Car lights can be adjusted, the oil service can be reset, and functions may be activated after retrofits (e.g. LED license plates or washer fluid sensor level). You can use it to toggle with various settings, such as a car’s door autolock, comfort window closing, adding a lap timer, disabling the seat belt warning, and more.

Drivers who are looking for an extra kick can consider purchasing the Pro app. This version is suited for folks with automobile experience and expertise. Relevant features include security access, Gateway installation list, live data, coding, output test, car programming history, and many others. The device only works with certain vehicles on the market, including recent models produced by Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, and Skoda.

In order to confirm whether your car works with the OBDeleven diagnostic system, simply download the app on your mobile device and read through its up-to-date list. Check out the OBDeleven app, the actual device (which connects to the car and employs Bluetooth), and the various adapters available, which may or may not be needed depending on your car model. Diagnosing a car has never been so easy.