Market Samurai was the tool that changed the world of keyword research and everyone who was serious about SEO got a copy of this tool I still remember the days where they changed to model so everyone had to pay for SERP data. It remind me of the current issues the users of Long Tail Pro are experiencing with search volume data.

I could write about that whole story for hours, but that is not the point of this post. I just got an email from Eugene, informinig me about Digital Marketing Weekly – a Samurai publication. ​But what exactly is it?

Digital Marketing Weekly

I will give the word to Eugene and let him explain 🙂

Want to come behind the curtain and see exactly what’s working in the marketing world of Video, Social Media, Content and SEO, every week, without lifting a finger – for FREE?…

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If so, then you’re going to love our BRAND NEW Samurai Publication – “Digital Marketing Weekly”.

This is an exclusive high-value newsletter publication with the sole purpose of giving marketers and business owners like you access to cutting edge news, insights and practical strategies direct from the world’s leading digital marketing experts.

Knowledge IS Power, and with Digital Marketing Weekly you’ll be receiving only the best stuff from the thought leaders who are getting results and paving the way.

So if you want to peak over the shoulder of the marketing Elite and see what strategies are working, why they’re working and how to do them for yourself – every single week…

Subscribe to Digital Marketing Weekly now and give yourself a serious advantage!

Oh and don’t forget it’s completely FREE and only takes 6 seconds to get access…

So do it now!

EugeneNoble Samurai

With Market Samurai, I will always have an open spot in my email client. I signed up and look forward to see what these guys got up their sleeves.