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Mobile phones, computers or tablets are kinds of gadgets that have a magical appearance to kids. Children today when given smartphone they are excited. They just tap the device like adults. Children know that with a smartphone, you can make a call to our friends and even take a photo. According to the research, every child from two-year-old can benefit from the internet. Also, they can use apps and smartphones games which are specially developed for kids under three years. According to Dr. Malte Mienert, a psychologist, when children are exposed to new media, the get to know how to deal with the digital world. Therefore parents should accept that and have faith in them. Today in most of smartphones and tablets there is a new App called Pauli and Friends. The app is free. Let’s see the effect of discovery book.

Effects of water
The discovery Books GmbH team has come up with some children’s book that contains varieties of discoveries. Changing the background of the book is impossible. The background can be modified by the use of unique print technology, thermal sensitive printing ink, and hotness. Pauli, the major character of the first book, acquires more friends through that. The key message of the book is having the curiosity of discovering a world with courage.

3D effects
From discoveries, parents can apply unique established app to join their children with the character of the book in real life. With the use of Augmented Reality that creates the human perception. These an electronic technology. When the camera of smartphone focuses on a page of the book, the gadget identifies the hotspots that initiate three-dimension content. The digital information turns to be the reality as a result of Augmented Reality; this makes it appear like the main character from the book has come to your life. Any modern app which is free with each book without connection of internet connection can allow this.

Sound effects
Discovery book offers fun function. Children are naturally curious, and they like storytelling that improves their language and concentration. With the free app, you can record your voice for each page of the book and play it back. Whether it is the voice ca grandparent or father telling the story. There is no boundary of creativity. The main reason of the book is to provide extra listening-with-fun-function.

The mission of the discovered book is to enhance creativity. Ensure that you install the App in your tablet for your children. The App will improve their creativity.