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Secure, sleek, and beautiful are three words that rarely describe a wallet, until now. Put your trust and belongings in the hands of DJIN, your new perfected wallet. This compact wallet comes with a clip for your cards or paper bills and a slide pocket for coins, with a bonus secret compartment for your most valuable belongings.

The DJIN wallet combines accessibility and comfort in a design that is neither too small to fit everything you need, nor too bulky to be comfortable. With conveniently stacked features like magnetic corners for a perfect close, a sliding drawer for small items, and a fanning clip, the DJIN spares no expense in making this the greatest wallet you will ever own.

Each wallet contains a stainless steel inner skeleton, making it strong and flexible, and the clip is made from stainless steel, which ensures your belongings are safe and secure. Security goes above and beyond with DJIN. High quality protection is guaranteed with DJIN, as each wallet includes a Koala-Gear RFID-blocking card to protect you from scanners or digital thieves.

DJIN wallets are made using quality materials, and are available in leather and microfiber.

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