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A lot of people are talking about Doki Watch, the must-have smartwatch designed especially for kids. Although its users may be small, it packs a big punch when it comes to features that will please kids and parents alike.

Doki Watch includes a number of options for communication, which makes it easier than ever to stay connected to your kids. It allows you to make sure your children stay safe by monitoring their location at any time. Should the unthinkable happen and your child encounter an emergency, rest assured the SOS feature sends you as the parent an instant notification. The Doki app allows you to contact your children directly with just a few clicks, as well as manage your kids’ device.

Although Doki Watch includes a number of features that help parents monitor the safety of their children, it also includes a number of interactive features that kids will love, thus helping them to stay connected and engaged.

A major feature of Doki Watch is video calling. In fact, it has the distinction of being the first kids’ smartwatch to feature integrated video calling. Regardless of where you or your children are, you can see and talk to them as if they were right there in front of you.

Doki Watch also supports voice calling to and from phone numbers that you as the parent have preselected using the app. This allows your children to be in touch but only with the individuals you have selected, thus increasing their safety.

The Doki Watch also includes features to support voice messaging, text messaging and even emojis. Safety features include a smart locator, allowing parents to accurately track their children’s location; an alert when children wander into predefined “off-limits” areas; and an emergency SOS feature, which sends an emergency alert to family members on the contact list, providing a location and a 60-second recording of your child’s voice, along with any background noise. This feature alone helps Doki Watch more than pay for itself in terms of peace of mind, making it the perfect choice for parents and children alike.