Why does people paying hundreds dollars of membership fees for healthy club (or gym), when they are not even sure have time to workout? Psychologically, it is a form of seft-fulfillment or self-satisfying process to make oneself feel good after gaining weight.

Certainly, gym is a good way to lose weight if do it correctly and regularly. Same goes to jogging or other outdoor exercises. Gym however, may not be the first choice when it comes to losing weight, but for sure is good for body development.

These day in cope with the busy urban life, more people heading to gym as part of their daily fitness routine.

On the other hand, having some heavy, bulky and expensive set of equipment at home is less popular and more often discouraging due to the fact that lesser peer pressure and comfy zone at home.

Still, some may find more comfortable and relaxing to home a gym other than going to a real gym. Here we have a solution if you love portable gym.

DoubleFlex Black

DoubleFlex Black is a lightweight, compact and portable gym equipment that you can use anywhere. It designs for all fitness levels and providing a full body workout just like in the gym.

What makes the DoubleFlex Black different from other portable equipment in the market is that, it is the only one applies balance resistance to both sides of muscle groups.

Aside for casual uses, it can also be used by physical therapist for patients with disability.


Paul Francis is the inventor of the patented SpiralFlex technology. With his architectural background, he is a passionate inventor for many product which including 20 US and 32 foreign patented inventions.

He started out a company called OYO (On Your Own) Fitness and integrated his DoubleFlex technology into their flagship product — DoubleFlex.

Since his technology does not required gravity, Paul was invited to do a presentation at Johnson Space Center. Which later on, it was accepted and used by NASA astronauts on International Space Station to overcome the lose of bone density and muscle integrity over a long period of space flight. As part of the NASA acceptance, NASA carried out a study to show that a similar improvement in strength and muscular hypertrophy in compare to free-weights.

DoubleFlex Black is now funding on Kickstarter, which is an improved version with better resistance, cable extension, versatility and more durable.


Despite with just 2 lbs (0.9kg) in weight, it offers resistance up to 20 lbs (9kg) and the linear feeling is just like lifting the dumbbell. Each FlexPack adding 5 lbs resistance to the system.

Whether its 5 min or 50 min, It is small and foldable to bring it anywhere so that you can continue your physical training at home, office or even during a traveling trip. No more excuses!


On both end of DoubleFlex, two handgrips allow user to hold, strapping on legs or door via the attachment. The stainless steel cable is coated with nylon to provide a resistance force up to 20 lbs.

In replacing to free weights, each SpiralFlex offers a 5 lbs resistance. In term of safety, this is safer option because we don’t need to worry about getting hurt by the falling of heavy equipment when out of energy/stamina. Thus, lesser supervision is needed.

The weight of the equipment itself is lesser than 2 lbs. Thus, training on different parts of body is easier than using other equipment.


For each purchase, you will get 3 FlexPacks, 2 leg straps, door attachment, workout DVD, product and nutrition guide. Also, training video are available online. Depending on the project packages, you will get a sport cap, accessories, exercise matt, or shoulder bag.

Price and Promotion

DoubleFlex Black is now funding on Kickstarter for $124 with free US shipping. Under their early bird promotions (limited units), you will get up to 40% off retail price. You can check out their campaign page via the link below.