Of all the ways to stay warm in a cold/breezy weather, one of the essential for beating the cold is an ultra comfy jacket. Like an outer shell layer on your body, you may not realise how important to bring it along until you catch a cold in your way home.

Aside from shielding up your body, jacket are then spared and becoming a complete hassle after took it off. Most of the jacket in the market are thick, hard to fold and extremely inconvenient to carry around. The dilemma does not end here, when the temperature drops, you have no other options but to carry it or drape it over the shoulder.

A backpack to stuff the jacket? Nope, it took up way too much spaces, and you need that for your phones, tablets, laptops, glasses, etc.

So, what if you can have a hand bag and jacket both in one? Here is the answer for you.

Duoket- 1 Buy 2 Go, Jacket & Bag Transformed in Seconds

What is Duoket?

Duoket is a packable jacket that can be folded up into a carry-on bag. While maintaining the high portability, it has enough space to hold up all your electronics even a A5 size sketch book.

The best part, the pockets location after the transformation will be the same. Whatever you put inside the jacket’s pocket will end up in the very same inner compartment for your bag.


Duoket is born in a Taiwan company called Mininch (mini + inch) by a group of four enthusiasts, who thrived to make all their product in inches details. They have previously ran three successful campaigns on Kickstarter under their belt, and raised more than $750,000 dollars in total.

Unlike Duoket, most of their previous projects are metal related works — Tool Pen, Tool Pen Mini, and WRENCHit. Thus in this time, they partner with expert textile manufacturer who provides OEM/ODM services to top sportswear brands company like Nike and Adidas.


To fit all you needs, Duoket comes with lots of pockets and pouches for smartphone, tablet, pen, wallet, etc. The patented versatile design allows user to turn it into a cool grip bag, classic shoulder draped or modern sling in a few second. Not to mention other remarkable features including concealed hood, adjustable cuff, storm flip, adjustable hem and embedded bag handle.

Material and Color

Made of Polyester and Nylon. It is now available in 5 colors, i.e. Black, Red, Brown, Green and Blue.

Where to buy

As its not yet available on e-commence marketplace like Amazon and eBay, you can only buy it via their Kickstarter campaign. You will get a Duoket at 30% off retail price for just $119.

As an appreciation to the first 500 early backers, you will get a free giveaway of multipurpose canvas pouch which later retailed at $25 each.